How to Top-Up Diamonds for Free Fire?


After the PUBG mobile ban in India, millions of players like to play Garena Free Fire on the mobile platform. Free Fire is played by millions of people every day. Players will know that each game has a currency. You can buy every item using in-game currency. Well, in this article we are going to tell how we can top-up diamonds for Free Fire.

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How to Top-Up Diamonds

If players have diamonds, they can purchase in-game gun skins, characters, belly skins, glue wall skins, elite passes and elite bundles. But, there are many ways to top-up diamonds on the Internet. Using which you can top-up diamonds in good price. Diamonds want to buy all players, money is needed to buy these currencies. Diamond’s platform is made by Garena.

There are some ways available on the online platform from where 100% bonus is also received on buying diamonds. For example, if a player buys 100 diamonds for 80 Indian rupees then 100% bonus is also received.

How to Top-Up Diamonds for Free Fire?

To get 100% bonus, the following steps are given which can be followed:

Step 1: The Games Kharido to go to the link click here.

Step 2: Select Free Fire.

Step 3: There are 2 options for login, Facebook and Free Fire ID

Step 4: Select banking from any of the payment options.

Step 5: Options for buying diamonds will be shown on the screen to the players.

Step 6: Select the top-up of your choice.

Step 7: After some time diamonds will be added to the player’s Free Fire account.

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