How To Play Among Us Airship Map? Everything You Need To Know About The New Airship Map


How to play Among Us Airship Map? Among Us got a new map as part of the new update that released recently and the new map is one of the biggest maps in the game so far. Read this article to learn how to play Among Us Airship map.

How to Play Among Us Airship Map?

The Airship Map is the new map introduced in Among Us. The new map is the largest one in the game so far and the players are excited about it. To play the map, players simply need to select the map while hosting the game and you are good to go. It is a huge map so it is best played with the maximum number of players which is ten. The new map also includes new tasks that are specific to the map. Read on to learn more about the new Airship map in Among Us. 

Airship Map in Among Us

The Airship map is the newest addition to the game. It is one of the challenging maps to play given its size and complex design. Unlike, other maps, players get to choose from three spawning points to start the game. So map knowledge and having an idea of what each spawn point holds is necessary to play this map for both imposters and crewmates. The map also has a few new tasks apart from the regular old ones. The map also has a lot of one-way paths so it is easier for crewmates to guess who the imposer might be when they find a dead body. But at the same time, given the map’s size bodies can easily pile up before someone discovers one. So it is a perfectly balanced map and much-needed addition to the game. Scroll down to learn about the Airship Map tasks.

All Tasks in Among Us Airship Map

Listed below are all the tasks that crewmates can complete on the Airship Map in Among Us,

  • Empty garbage – This is a two-part task. For the first part, you need to pick up the garbage. The second part of the task is to dispose of the garbage, utilizing the lever.
  • Put away rifles – In the armoury, pick up both rifles and move towards the newly appeared arrow. There, you’ll have to place the rifles in a specific position.
  • Put away pistols – It is the same as the Rifle task.
  • Make burger – This is the time to feed the rest of the crewmates before their impending demise. Every time you click on the task the burger will require different ingredients.  Use the photo the game gives you to put the dish together. Unlike the photo, you need to place every ingredient close to each other so keep that in mind. You can click the photo several times if you get lost.
  • Upload data – The first part of this task is the same as the old task. while uploading, a new device will pop up. You need to adjust this object until you get a good or perfect connection to speed up the upload.
  • Clean toilet – Despite seeing four toilets, you only need to clean one to finish this task. 
  • Reset breakers – Once you get to the electrical area, you’ll see a bunch of switches with a number in them. Pull them in numerical order starting from 1 until 7.
  • Stabilize steering – Move the lever on your left to align with the green arrow points and sync the wheel with the green silhouette.
  • Polish ruby – Click on each stain the Ruby has, and hold down your mouse button, move your mouse around it until they all disappear.
  • Dress the mannequin – Similar to the burger task, follow the sequence in the picture and dress up the mannequin.
  • Develop photos – Put the three photos inside the tray of water, leave them for about a minute, try to finish another small task during this time, and come back. Pick them up to complete the task. 
  • Decontaminate – Take a shower, similar to scanning in Medbay on other maps
  • Pick up towels – When you get to showers, pick up all the towels and place them in a container near the entrance to Records.
  • Fix shower – When you select the shower, a small power bar will pop up on your screen. You need to time and click it when it turns red.
  • Sort records – Pick each file from the table, head towards the arrow mark, and click on the empty space to automatically place the file.
  • Unlock safe – You’ll see a number and an arrow on top of the knob. Turn it according to align it with the number marked. Do this three times without making a mistake to complete the task. 

Unlike the other maps, the Airship offers a whole new experience. Players are forced to play the game with a different approach since the map feels perfectly balanced. Both Crewmates and Imposters are liable to get punished for the mistakes they make. Players will also require a strong memory given the massive size of the map.

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