How To Increase Trust Rank In Genshin? know About The Trust Rank In Genshin Impact Here


How to increase Trust Rank in Genshin? The recent Genshin Impact 1.5 update brought along with it the Trust Rank as part of the Serenitea Pot and Read this article to learn how to increase Trust Rank in Genshin Impact.

Serenitea Pot in Genshin Impact 1.5 has a system called Trust Rank. The Trust Rank system is one of the most important parts of the housing realm. Players can figure out their current Trust Rank by talking to the Teapot Spirit in their teapot. This spirit, Tubby, will help players manage their affairs in the realm within.

To avail a range of items from Primogems to furnishings, players are highly encouraged to increase their Trust Rank with Tubby. There will be a little effort involved, but players can be sure that it will be worth it.


What is Trust Rank in Genshin Impact?

The Serenitea Pot was introduced recently in the popular Gacha game. Along with this feature comes the Trust Rank system. It is now an important part of the housing realm. To learn your current Trust Rank, you need to talk to the Teapot Spirit in the Teapot. The name of the spirit is Tubby and helps players with all the affairs in the realm. The Trust Rank is important for obtaining a ran of Primogems and furnishings. So it is important to increase your Trust Rank with Tubby. Read on to learn more about the ways through which you can do it.

How to Increase Trust Rank in Genshin?

The primary way to increase your Trust Rank is by crafting furniture. So for every time you complete a furnishing, you will be rewarded with some Trust Rank Exp. Gaining more Exp will gradually increase your Trust Rank. There are different types of furniture in the game. They are Green, Blue, and Purple tier. The amount of Exp obtained varies based on the type of furniture for e.g, Green furnishings take up 12 hours to complete and award you with 30 Trust while blue takes up 14 hours and give 60 Trust. Finally, purple takes 16 hours to complete and gives the maximum trust of 90.

Rewards of Trust Rank in Genshin Impact

There are various rewards that are available for players through the Trust Rank system. The most substantial of them all is the 60 Primogems. This is obtained for every rank that you gain. There are a total of 10 ranks. So players can get 600 Primogems through by gaining Trust Rank. Apart from this, players can also obtain blueprints and Vials of Adeptal Seed which is pretty crucial for gaining ranks. You can buy a total of five vials from the Realm Depo every day. The vials are important for crafting furniture and with five of them, you can craft five furnishings every day

Other Perks of Trust Rank System

There are a total of three layouts in the housing system. In the beginning, you are allowed to choose only one. But you gain higher Trust Ranks you can unlock the remaining two. The second one is unlocked at Trust Rank 8 and the third one at Trust Rank 10. The Trust Rank also helps in accumulating Realm currency. This saves time as you don’t have to check your Housing Realm constantly. You can also unlock some items in the Serenita Pot and Realm Currency can be used to buy some useful items like Resin and Artefact Exp.

Other Benefits of Trust Rank in Genshin Impact

Apart from the above-mentioned perks there other benefits that you can get through Trust Rank. You can find them listed below,

  • More exterior area
  • More crafting queue
  • Teapot Spirit “Transformation”
  • More items from the Traveling Salesman, Chubby
  • More realm layouts

So the Trust Rank is a primary aspect of the Housing Realm and it is important to pay attention to it. The Serenita Pot is another important aspect for players to look into since it gives them various rewards and useful items.

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