Roblox Join Error: What Is Error Code? How To Fix Roblox Join Error?


Roblox join error occurs when you can’t establish with the official servers and there are many reasons as to why this might occur. Luckily we have compiled all related info on this. Scroll down to learn about Roblox Join Error.

Roblox Join Error

Roblox is an online game designing and sharing platform that has more than one hundred million users globally. It is an online platform where users can program their own games and have others test them out for free or at a cost. At the same time, you can also check out games made by others. The estimated net worth of Roblox is $4 billion which substantiates how big the platform is. But sometimes users can have trouble connecting to the servers. Read on to learn more.

Connection Problems

Sometimes the error could be occurring due to connection problems. Here some signs that might indicate a connection problem,

  • Roblox fails to load online games and shows the error message ‘Could Not Connect’.
  • Loading screen on the website takes a long time to load or neve finishes to load.
  • Players are unable to visit the game in Play mode.
  • Games randomly shut down while running.
  • HttpSendRequest failed: HRESULT 0x80072efd error occurs when Roblox is having difficulty communicating certain bits of information with our servers.

Why Does It Happen?

The issues could be caused due to a variety of reasons. You can find them listed below,


In most cases, it is a Firewall problem. It happens dude low-bandwidth connection or an inconsistent wireless connection.

Slow Internet Connection

If you are playing on a very slow internet connection, then the game might not be able to handle it. So it may take longer to download and load up the maps.

Empty Game/Place

Sometimes the map could be empty so it might seem like the map hasn’t loaded. But in truth, the map would have loaded already and since there is no content, it may appear like a loading issue.

Bad Game/Place

Sometimes that game could bad due to poor scripting. In that case, many faulty objects might prevent the game from running. You can inform the game’s creator about the problem.

How to Fix Roblox Join Error?

Once you zero in on the problem, then finding a solution becomes easier. Listed below are some of the ways to fix the issue,

  • Use a Supported Browser
  • Reset your Internet Option( Windows Users Only)
  • Check Browser Security Settings
  • Check Wireless Connection
  • Remove/ Disable any Ad-Blocker Browser Add-Ons
  • Make sure the appropriate Ports are Open
  • Configure your Firewall and/or Router

Read on to get a brief on all the solutions

Use a Supported Browser

Ensure that you are using the updated and latest version of the browser to play Roblox. To run Roblox Studio you will need the latest version of Internet Explorer. So if you are having issues with your current browser, then try out browsers like Firefox or Chrome.

Reset Your Internet Options

Sometimes a simple reset of Internet Options can work like a charm. Listed below are the steps for doing so,

  1. Open Internet Explorer (this browser specifically)
  2. Open the gear icon > Internet options
  3. Open the Advanced tab
  4. Click the Reset button
  5. Close Internet Explorer
  6. Try playing again

Check your Browser’s Security Settings

Make sure that your security settings on your browser are not blocking Roblox. If the settings are too high, then it might the reason behind the problem. It could cause issues like buttons and links not working.

Remove/ Disable any Ad-Blocker Browser Add-Ons

Browser Add-Ons/ Extensions like Ad-Blocker can cause a variety of issues. Roblox is free to use and depends on ads for revenue. So Ad-Blockers can prevent a game from loading completely. So you need to disable all browser extensions before running the game.

Make sure the appropriate Ports are Open

The ports used by Roblox is dependent on the Operating System used. The port range is currently UDP 49152 – 65535, so keeping all these ports open should allow Roblox to connect to your router properly.

Configure your Firewall and/or Router

Antivirus and other Internet security software can hinder programs that access the internet. So it is important to configure these to ensure that Roblox runs smoothly. These programs block Roblox as a precaution and blocks access. So you need to manually enable access to make sure Roblox works properly.

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