Ps5 Controller Drift Fix- How to Fix PS5 Controller Drift?


Sony’s PlayStation 5 controller has succumbed to the dreaded analogue stick drift. This page covers how to identify stick drift, how to potentially fix it, and how to send it into Sony to get your DualSense controller repaired if all else fails.  To know more about the Ps5 Controller Drift Fix, How to Fix PS5 Controller Drift then read this article given below.

Ps5 Controller Drift Fix

The feared analog stick drift has struck Sony’s PlayStation 5 controller. If you’re budgeting for a new controller, the ideal circumstance is well, another controller. As in, one more than you previously had. However, several user-reported difficulties with DualSense controllers have now made it obvious that, at least with the PS5, you may have cause to consider changing yours more frequently than planned. As additional instances of DualSense drift emerge and a class action lawsuit looms, you may be asking how this issue will affect you and what you should do if you come across it.

How to Identify Stick Drift in Playstation 5?

Stick drift on the PS5 controller is very easy to spot. It’s when one of your analog sticks moves on its own even when you’re not touching the controller. This will interfere with gameplay because it will shift your stick and affect movement, aiming, and so on. DualSense drift does not appear to be as common as Nintendo’s Joy-Con drift problem; in a February IGN survey, 10% of those polled claimed they’d encountered DualSense drift, but a similar survey in May 2020 had a whopping 72% of respondents indicate they’d had Joy-Con drift.

Can DualSense drift be fixed?

Drift appears to be linked to the same difficulties that plagued prior PlayStation controllers, Xbox controllers, and Nintendo’s Joy-Cons. Drift, according to experts, is not a result of a single manufacturer or controller maker releasing sub-par technology, but rather looks to be a fault with how current controller hardware, in general, is built. Teardowns have revealed that the issue may be related to the controller’s potentiometers, internal springs, or internal impurities. If the drift is caused by dust or software issues, you can try the procedures outlined here to see if it resolves the issue. Aside from that, a handful of customers have reported contacting Sony tech support.

What is Sony’s stand on the DualSense drift issue?

Only is ready to repair or replace the controllers as long as they are still under warranty, but owners must pay the postage to send the controller to Sony for repair, as well as supply the box, and it may take a few weeks to mail it there, get it repaired, and receive it back. For the time being, any DualSense controller purchased new should be protected under warranty, however, this will not be the case in the future. There is presently no defined method for what to do regarding DualSense drift after your warranty has expired, nor is there a process for what to do if you acquire a secondhand controller with drift unless the retailer from where you got it has a return policy that covers it.

How to Fix the PS5 Controller Stick Drift?

To troubleshoot the PlayStation 5 Controller, Sony tech support recommends the following procedures. If the steps below don’t work, you’ll need to contact Sony support to get your controller serviced.

How to Troubleshoot PS5 Controller Stick Drift?

  • Check that your PS5 and PS5 controller are up to date.
  • Check the software on your controller by clicking the PS button, then going to Accessories and selecting the wireless PS5 Controller. “Wireless Controller Device Software 0210” should be used instead. See How to Update Your PS5 for more information.
  • Disconnect and reconnect the Controller to Bluetooth, follow the steps outlined in Step 1 to access your controller settings. Disconnect and reattach it to Bluetooth.
  • Modify the Triggers: Return to the controller’s settings and adjust the Trigger Effect Intensity turn it off, then back on
  • Clean the Analog Stick: According to a Sony official, wiping the analog stick with a soft, dry towel, similar to an eyeglass cleaning cloth, is a good idea. They were unable to propose the usage of alcohol or any other cleaning solution.

How to Send in a PS5 Controller With Stick Drift for Repair?

The PlayStation 5 DualSense controller is covered by a one-year warranty when you purchase it or the PS5 it came with – as long as it’s covered by warranty, you may contact Sony and request that your controller be repaired.

  • First, ensure that you have done the troubleshooting procedures outlined above. Before proceeding, the Sony representative will request that you complete these tasks.
  • Call (800) 345-7669 for more information. Choose from the following options: 1 followed by 1 again
  • They will request that you complete the preceding procedures.
  • The person will then provide you with the necessary information to send in your PS5 controller for servicing.
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