WS-37469-9 PS4 Error Code | Causes for PS4 error WS-37397-9| How to fix it?

WS 37469 9 PS4 Error Code
WS 37469 9 PS4 Error Code

If you also use PS4 then you must have also faced difficulty in connecting online due to WS-37397-9 error. So today we will talk about the remedies to overcome this problem and also tell you what this error means and how to fix it.

WS-37469-9 PS4 Error Code

Most of the people have faced this problem. This error usually occurs when the servers are down or if you are having any connectivity issue. This is one of the many errors that you may experience while playing on your PS4. But don’t worry as this is a minor problem and usually gets resolved very quickly.

What happens when you have error code WS-37397-9 on your PS4?

Whenever this error code WS-37397-9 appears, it’s usually a sign of a connection problem between your PS4 and Sony’s PlayStation Network. Most of the time, the error occurs when there is a server problem, such as when the PSN is down, or maintenance is going on.

The direct effects of having the error code WS-37397-9 on the PS4 includes the following:

  • PS4 unable to play online
  • player being unable to do online transactions on the PlayStation Store
  • player being unable to access his or her account information 
  • download list becoming inaccessible
  • Remote Play not working
  • trophies being inaccessible

Causes for PS4 error WS-37397-9

Although most of the PSNs are caused by server problems, but today we will talk about other causes of error code WS-37397-9.

  • If you were able to use your PS4 normally before and the error started showing up recently, the main reason could be a server issue. All you have to do is wait for the problem to be fixed.
  • Another reason for this problem could be a glitch in your network. WS-37397-9 There may also be a connection error in your local network. This means that your PS4 may be in error because you’ve lost your home Internet connection, the network may be busy, or you may have a slow connection problem.
  • At times, your Internet Service Provider’s domain name service (DNS) servers can go down. This may result in your device being unable to open websites.
  • A modified or unofficial PS4 software usually doesn’t work correctly and may prevent you from connecting to the PlayStation Network.

How to fix the WS-37469-9 PS4 Error Code?

Listed below are all the possible ways to fix this error,

Check PlayStation Network Status

Sometimes this error occurs when the official servers are down. You can check if that is the problem by visiting the official website. The servers are usually taken down to install new updates or make some security changes. If that is the case, then all the details will be notified on the page.

Restart Your PS4

If there is no server maintenance, then the error is caused to some issue on your end. So the first thing that you can do to possibly fix the problem is to restart your PlayStation. This will clear unwanted cache files and free some memory. 

Change Wi-Fi Bandwidth to 5 Gigahertz or 2.4 Gigahertz

Change the Wi-Fi frequency bands from automatic to 5 gigahertz and see if it fixes the error code. If not, try 2.4 gigahertz. If none of these options work, revert to automated mode.

Change DNS Settings ( For U.S. Users Only)

U.S. users can try changing the primary DNS to and the secondary DNS to This should help reduce and fix Error Code WS-37469-9 any server troubles you may have, and you should be good to go.

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