How to Download TikTok in India App After Ban? Are there any legal ways to download TikTok in India?


How to Download TikTok in India App After Ban? Are there any legal ways can we download TikTok in India know more here and TikTok has been banned because the country considers the App to be a danger to its national security and citizen’s privacy. Many are asking How to Download TikTok in India App After Ban? Is there any legal ways to download TikTok in India find here in this article given below.

How to Download TikTok in India App After Ban?

People are concerned that their details will end up in the hands of the Chinese government because TikTok is a Chinese corporation. Because of these issues, many countries are considering censoring or banning the app. The Indian government has demanded that the Chinese app be removed from the Android and Apple app stores so that Indians cannot access it. TikTok has been banned in India since June 2020. The ban, according to Indian officials, is in place to protect citizens’ data and privacy. The US is even considering banning the software if the company’s US division is not purchased by Microsoft or another American firm. Public security issues are the official rationale for the ban in the United States. To know more about how to download New Version 2021 then read this article given below.

Why TikTok Has Been Banned In India?

The biggest source of concern is that, despite the application’s 13-year age limit, children of all ages use it. Parents have expressed concern in some studies that this is possible because of the application’s contact with strangers. Sexual predators and other aspects of the application have naturally been drawn to these considerations. The app was barred because it posed a threat to the privacy and data of its residents. Following a border dispute, 59 apps were banned in the region including Tiktok.

What are the Countries that Banned and Censored TikTok?

Though there were discussions in Australia about banning the software, the country’s federal government decided against it after determining that TikTok did not pose a national security danger. Indonesia and Bangladesh both blocked TikTok in 2018, but these restrictions have since been lifted. These are the countries that Censored and banned the TikTok app,

IndiaBanned since June 2020Data security threat
IndonesiaCensoredInappropriate content
BangladeshCensoredInappropriate content
AustraliaNot currently bannedInvestigating concerns
European UnionNot currently bannedInvestigating concerns
United StatesPending banData security threat

How To Download TikTok App after Ban?

Compatible applications can be downloaded from third-party app stores and websites thanks to Android’s customizable ecosystem. Installing applications on your phone that do not come from a trusted source is not recommended. This is due to the higher risk of installing an app that isn’t available on the Google Play Store, as users may fall in love with malicious apps masquerading as TikTok. Even with these alerts, this is the easiest way to get TikTok on your Android phone. TikTok is available for download on third-party app stores such as APKMirror and APKPure. These are two of the most common app stores for third-party apps.

Download TikTok.apk File Apkmirror

tik tok apk download
  1. Goto ApkMirror website -> Search “TikTok”
  2. Select latest TikTok version from the list of builds ( Pick Stable versions )
  3. Click “Variant Bundle” from Download section of the page.
  4. On Next page, click ” Download APK Bundles” , TikTok APK is on your phone now.
  5. Now, you need to install Apkmirror Installer app from Play Store ( Click Here )
  6. Open Apkmirror app -> click “Browse Apk” to find TikTok from Download folder on your phone.
  7. Now, tap on TikTok file -> Install Package to complete TikTok Apk.
tiktok apkmirror download

The app work just fine for those who already installed on their phone, for those who couldn’t install the app before Ban, now you’ve the alternative ways to do that.

There are other methods too, apart from Apkmirror, there are lot of App Store apps, where you can find Tik Tok and install directly on your phone.

If you find this option not working, please let us know in comment section, so that we could find other easy working method to download tik tok apk file.

NOTE: Since the App is banned in India, it is not advised to download the App from third-party sites, these applications may contain malicious software and may harm your computer.

How To Download TikTok On iOS?

While Apple’s iOS ecosystem is more secure than Android’s, some alerts, such as those about installing a third-party app, are not officially supported. Despite the fact that some third-party app stores list iOS applications, we do not suggest downloading TikTok from these sources. ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, has filed an appeal with the Supreme Court of India, which will hear the case on April 22.

Will TikTok Remain Banned?

In India, the ban appears to be set to remain in place for the near future. Other countries could decide to prohibit the app if they believe it poses a serious security risk to their people. The length of these bans would most likely be determined by the findings of ongoing research and TikTok’s response to these concerns. Since each situation is dictated by the region’s complicated politics, it’s difficult to predict whether TikTok will remain banned in some countries.

Is TikTok banned in the European Union?

While TikTok is not banned in the European Union, it is under investigation by data protection organizations, which began investigating the app’s privacy policies in July of 2020. When it comes to user information and how it is recorded and used, the European Union has the same questions as other countries.

Is TikTok banned in Bangladesh?

After a brief ban in Bangladesh, TikTok is now operational again in the region, although with some censorship. Following the government’s objections, ten videos were removed from circulation. Bangladeshi officials have confirmed that they have no intentions to ban the app in the future. In Bangladesh, TikTok is currently censored.

Is TikTok banned in Indonesia?

In 2018, TikTok was temporarily banned in Indonesia, but the ban was lifted after the company agreed to censor some of its content. Concerns about pornography, inappropriate content, and blasphemy prompted the ban.

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