How to catch Dedenne in Pokemon Go & can it be Shiny?

Shiny Dedenne in Pokemon GO 2022
Shiny Dedenne in Pokemon GO 2022

Are you looking for a shiny Dedenne in Pokemon Go in 2022? If yes then don’t worry because this article is just for you. The cute electric mouse is going to be one of the stars of the upcoming 2022 Festival of Lights, so of course, you’d expect to run into at least one shiny. But does such a thing even exist? Well, let’s find out, shall we?

Can Dedenne Be Shiny in Pokemon GO

First of all I want to tell you one thing about Dedenne and that thing is, Dedenne can’t be shiny in Pokemon Go in 2022. At last, that’s the case at time of writing. I suppose there’s always a chance that Niantic decide to unlock the shiny version of the adorable little mouse by the end of the year. However, I wouldn’t hold my breath. After all, Dedenne will be a part of the upcoming 2022 Festival of Lights, and still won’t have a shiny variant. You can tell by the lack of the three little stars in the top right corner of its icon. On the bright side, Dedenne will be all over the place during the festival: in wild encounters, one-star Raids, and Field Research task encounters. It will also appear more often when you use an Incense.

So guys, after following all the instructions mentioned above we hope you have Dedenne, that’s all we know on the topic of Shiny Dedenne in Pokemon GO in 2022. If things change suddenly, we’ll be sure to update the article. Now, Dedenne does have its shiny counterpart in other games it has appeared in. It’s very easy to tell them apart: regular Dedenne looks very much like Pikachu, while the shiny one is a dark brown. It resembles an adorable potato with a long tail and whiskers, basically. If we ever do see it in Pokemon GO, I assume that’s what it will look like. So, if you happen upon a brown Dedenne at some point, go for it! And let us know in the comments!

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