How To Beat Fireblight Ganon?


How To Beat Fireblight Ganon? Many players are looking for steps on how to beat Fireblight Ganon and Know everything about how to beat Fireblight Ganon. Players are trying to find ways and know how long to beat Fireblight Ganon. The section includes a thorough description of the way of defeating him. Scroll down to read more about how to beat fireblight Ganon, how long to beat fireblight Ganon from this article. 

How To Beat Fireblight Ganon?

Fireblight Ganon is another boss in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and this is another one of Ganon’s Minions that users find at the end of Vah Rudania. In this article, you will find both the phases of Fireblight Ganon, Breath of the Wild attacks. Continue reading till the end and know details about Phase I and Phase II of the combat. Both the phases are based on the percentage of the health of Fireblight Ganon. One of the phases is when the health exceeds 50% and another one is when the health is below 50%. Find the complete details of bothering the phases here.

How To Defeat Fireblight Ganon?

As already mentioned, there are two phases of defeating Fireblight Ganon. This is based on the health condition of Fireblight. If it is above 50%, it is a different phase and if it is below 50%, it is a different phase. Find both the phases below.

Fireblight Ganon Phase I

Notice that Phase I of defeating Fireblight Ganon has a trick. The trick is to defeat Fireblight Ganon to get close. Underneath, he doesn’t have much of an attack or defence to mount. If you aren’t underneath him, and he performs his sweeping or other sword attacks, try to block or get away from him when he does. If he’s flinging fireballs, run behind pillars for cover. By using Master Sword, it doesn’t take much to knock his health down below 50 percent and begin the second phase.

Fireblight Ganon Phase II

Here you will find everything about the second phase of Fireblight Ganon and the way to defeat. The second phase sees him launch into the air and create a massive fireball around him. After a few moments, he’ll launch an enormous star at you, which detonates with an enormous radius upon impact. If you can, fire an arrow just as it’s leaving him, or hide behind a pillar or the central control unit and keep at a fair distance to avoid the blast. To damage him here, as he is in the air before the fireball, throw a Bomb rune and detonate it as it’s circling. He would then drop to the ground. Now it is a great time to get some easy damage in, so sprint and get in a few attacks. It has to be noted he can do this again in the next phase launch into the air and launch a fireball – but all you need to do is destroy the fireball or take cover before he returns to the ground.

The Divine Beast Vah Rudania Main Quest

By defeating the Fireblight Ganon, the player will receive a heart container along with Daruk’s Protection. Notice that as long as you are having ZL, you will be protected from all kinds of attacks and damages. You will then be moving to Gorron City. NOw, talk to Bludo to finish the Divine Beast Vah Rudania Main Quest. There will be Yunubo on the way, however, there is no specific reason for it. The player can move towards the chief and have a conversation with him. To get the powerful two-handed weapon called the Boulder Breaker, you need to go behind Bludo to his house and open the treasure chest that is present there. 

Fireblight Ganon Battle

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