How Old Is Childe Genshin Impact? Find Out The Age of Childe In Genshin Impact Here


How Old Is Childe Genshin Impact – Are you a Genshin Impact player and wondering how old is Childe Genshin Impact? Then you can find it here and One of the popular playable characters in Genshin Impact is Childe and this article contains everything about Childe in Genshin Impact

How Old Is Childe Genshin Impact?

Developed and published by miHoYo, Genshin Impact is one of the most popular games in recent times. This game was released in 2020 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Android, iOS. The game is filled with lots and lots of characters makes the game even more interesting and exciting. One of the important characters in Genshin Impact is Tartaglia also known as Childe. Check this article to get all details about Childe including his age, appearance, personality and more.

Childe Genshin Impact

Tartaglia in Genshin Impact is a 5-star Hydro Bow character. He is often known by his alias of Childe. He is the eleventh one among the Eleven Harbingers of the Fatui. He is one of the most dangerous people to be with. He is in charge of the funding of Fatui in Liyue and lives for chaos. He is very confident and brash and often appears to be unpredictable and cunning. At the age of 14, Childe became a warrior. Know more about Childe below:

  • Birthday  of Childe – 20th July
  • Age of Childe –  19-21, estimated based on his lore update in 1.2
  • Height of Childe – 5’11 182 cm, estimated based on in-game comparisons

Childe Overview 

ElementHydro (Water)
Weapon Bow
BirthdayJuly 20th
Rarity5 Star

Childe – Strengths and Weaknesses


  • He can swap from melee to ranged.
  • His elemental burst changes depending on the combat stance.
  • The melee attacks constantly apply Hydro.


  • Long cooldowns if not managed properly.
  • He requires a high constellation to really shine.

Childe Stats

LevelHPAttackDefenceBonus Stat
Level 202,64684165Hydro DMG Bonus 0
Level 802182280757Hydro DMG Bonus +28.8%


Childe has short, uneven orange hair and blue eyes. He wears a veil pulled out of the way of his head. He likewise wears a battered red scarf. Childe wears a dim coat, dim jeans, and dark boots. His coat is open on one side to uncover a belt with his hydro vision joined.

childe genshin impact


Childe portrays himself as “sort of a miscreant, however not here to give the Traveler any difficulty”. He is by all accounts well-intentioned and bright and has expressed that while he’s an individual from the Fatui he isn’t a devotee of La Signora. He hops in to spare the Traveler and Paimon after the pair is going to be gotten by gatekeepers, and offers the Traveler guidance on where to go straight away.


Attribute: Hydro

Weapon: Bow

Type: ???

Skill: Stance Change (allows him to type ranged or close and his ultimate attack changes depending on his fighting style)

Constellation: ???

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Tartaglia (Childe)

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