How much difference between two doses of vaccine is correct: America’s biggest covid expert Anthony Fauci warns, he said – increasing the gap increases the risk of infection


US epidemiologist Dr. Anthony Fauci has warned about the gap between the doses of the corona vaccine. They say that increasing the time between two doses of the vaccine can increase the risk of infection in people. This has also been seen in the UK. Dr. Fauchi has said so in a conversation with NDTV.

In the context of India, this statement of Fauchi is important because the government has increased the gap between two doses of Coveshield to 12-16 weeks only last month. Earlier it was 6 to 8 weeks. Earlier in March also this gap was increased from 28 days to 6-8 weeks. The government says that increasing the gap of two doses will increase the effect of the vaccine.

Fauchi says that instead of increasing the gap in vaccination, we should go according to the schedule. It has also been said that if you have very less supply of vaccine, then it becomes necessary to increase the gap.

Fauci has emphasized on Delta’s more infectious variant of the corona, saying that people need to be vaccinated as soon as possible to defeat the virus. The delta variant was first detected in India and it is said that this variant was the main reason for the second wave in the country. According to experts, it is 40-50% more contagious.

There is a risk of spreading the infection even further in the countries with the delta variant

According to Fauchi, the Delta variant has become dominant in many states of India. It spreads very quickly and effectively from one person to another. There is a risk of increasing infection in countries where this variant has been found. In this regard, especially the country which lacks the vaccine should worry more.

The delta variant is dominating the non-vaccinated people.

According to American experts, it has been observed that when the delta variant infects a non-vaccinated person, it dominates very rapidly. This is being seen in the UK. This variant is now close to dominating 90%. Fauchi has said that people need to be vaccinated as soon as possible to avoid the next wave of corona.