How about comparing Neymar’s income with Ronaldo and Messi?


In total, Neymar ‘s salary from PSG along with sponsorship income has helped this guy own “numbers” that can speak. Forbes reports Neymar’s 2020 earnings as $96 million, of which salary, bonuses and on-field earnings are estimated to be between $70 million and $78 million.

Only Messi ($126 million) and Ronaldo ($117 million) were reported to have had more total earnings than Neymar last year. Besides, the salary that Ronaldo earns from Juventus is a bit lower than what Neymar receives from PSG.

Ronaldo “eats off” Messi and Neymar in advertising contracts. But from the perspective of receiving salary from the club today, only Messi is higher than Neymar. In addition, there is also quite a distance between the leading group (Messi – Ronaldo – Neymar) compared to the following top group.

Like Kylian Mbappe – Neymar’s teammate at PSG has an income of 42 million USD, Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) has 37 million USD.

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