Hema Malini, who became a farmer in the election, did a havan to drive away the corona, said – this is what I do every day


On the one hand, the country is suffering due to the Corona epidemic and is going through a period of troubles, on the other hand, such acts of the leaders of the ruling party BJP are coming to the fore, due to which the people of the country are entertained a lot even in the hour of sorrow. Used to be.

BJP leaders, who treated the corona by applying cow dung on the body, eating bhabhiji papad and drinking cow urine, are now claiming to cure corona by Havan, that too by sitting on the sofa.

A video of Hema Malini, a well-known Bollywood actress and BJP MP from Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, has surfaced, in which she is doing havan sitting on the sofa.

Hema Malini says that since the time Corona has come into the country, I do Havan every day. By doing Havan daily, the environment becomes pure.

It can be clearly seen in the video that Hema Malini is doing havan along with chanting while sitting on the sofa.

After the Havan, Hema Malini is telling that I have been doing Havan continuously since the last one year since Corona has come, I used to do it earlier also but sometimes, now I do it both in the morning and evening. Performing Havan brings purification to the environment.

Hema Malini is claiming in this video that it is very important. Ghee, salt, mustard leaves are in the smoke of the havan, it makes the whole atmosphere nice and clean.

You guys must also do this, by doing this corona and other diseases are removed.

Hema Malini is a Member of Parliament. They have the responsibility of fighting this pandemic and saving the country.

By law, she should make the countrymen aware of taking corona vaccine to avoid corona, but she is appealing to the people to do havan instead.

Medical science has not told any such thing yet, but Hema Malini is appealing to the people to do so.

Havan worship is purely a matter of faith. Every person who has faith in the Hindu religion performs Havan and worships his Ishta, but how justified is a superstition in the name of faith, that too through a member of parliament!