Green Hell Cheats & Codes: how to use them?


By using the new active Green Hell Cheats & Codes, you can get some free items such as Rubies, Stamina, Summon Ticket, Equipment Box and so on.

We will keep updating this Green Hell Cheats & Codes List and will add it whenever the new codes are released, so don’t forget to bookmark this page.

How to Enable Debug Mode

Follow these steps:

  • Right click the game in your Steam library and select “Properties”.
  • A window will open. Select the “Local Files” tab.
  • Click the “Browse Local Files…” button and wait for your explorer to open.
  • Open the following path: GH_Data/Resources.
  • Create the following folder structure scripts/Debug in the “Resources” folder.
  • In the created “Debug” folder create a file called “DEBUG” (empty .txt file without extension .txt).

Green Hell Cheats – Codes and Keybinds

Single Keys cheats

  • F1: Shows the debug menu “Item”
  • F2: Shows the debug menu “Scenario”
  • F3: Shows the debug menu “Spawners”
  • F4: Shows the debug menu “Skills”
  • F5: Shows the debug menu “AI”
  • F6: Shows the debug menu “Wounds”
  • F7: Shows the debug menu “Dialogs”
  • F9: Shows the debug menu “Log”
  • U: Unlocks the story mode.
  • L: Shows the fake loading screen.
  • K: Hides the fake loading screen
  • NUMPAD +: +1 hour
  • NUMPAD –: – 1 hour
  • NUMPAD/: + game speed.
  • NUMPAD ENTER: + 10 hours
  • =:  rain.
  • –: Unlocks the cursor.
  • I: Spawn the item of your choice (debug menu)
  • NUMPAD 0: Spawn the creature of your choice (debug menu)
  • NUMPAD 2:  Spawn the creature of your choice as hallucination  (debug menu)
  • NUMPAD3: Spawn the creature of your choice as idling (debug menu)
  • NUMPAD 1: To Play the dialog of your choice as idling (debug menu)
  • Z: Spawns an enemy wave.
  • F8: To complete all Blueprints.
  • NUMPAD 9: To Save game.
  • NUMLOCK: Decreases game speed.
  • PAUSE: Pauses the game
  • \: Adds injury.
  • BACKSPACE: 30 points of damage (with claws) to the player
  • V: Shows the diving mask.
  • B: Shows the biohazard mask.
  • L: To Start the goldmine dream.
  • F10: Opens the crafting manager.
  • ,: To Attach worms.
  • : To Attach leeches.
  • PAGE UP: + 5 Sanity
  • PAGE DOWN: – 5 Sanity

Combination of Keys cheats

  • L-CTRL: Shows the coordinates
  • L-CTRL + M: Godmode
  • R-ALT + K: Kills all the creatures.
  • L-CTRL + U: Complete notebook (Crafting, Item infos, Injuries, …).
  • L-CTRL + O: Shows the statistics
  • L-ALT + L: 10 damage to all the creatures
  • R-CTRL + H: HUD.
  • L-ALT + `: Autokill or suicide
  • L-ALT + L-SHIFT + `: 25 points of damage to the player
  • R-ALT + F: Spawns Fire (in hand)
  • R-ALT + J: To Pass out.
  • L-SHIFT + 5: Saves the location.
  • L-SHIFT + 6: Teleport you to the saved location.
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