Government surrounded on 22 deaths in Agra hospital: Rahul Gandhi said – lack of oxygen and humanity in BJP government; Priyanka asked- Who is responsible?


In Paras Hospital, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, the case of a mock drill of 22 patients dying in 5 minutes has started gaining momentum. On Tuesday, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra have targeted the Yogi government. Rahul wrote on social media, ‘There is a severe shortage of both oxygen and humanity in the BJP regime. There should be immediate action against all those responsible for this dangerous crime. My condolences to the families of the deceased in this hour of grief.

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi has posted the video in which Dr Arinjay Jain, owner of Paras Hospital, is saying that oxygen supply was cut off for 5 minutes and 22 patients died.

Priyanka Gandhi attacks PM-CM

Priyanka Gandhi has mentioned some big things of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. Priyanka tweeted, ‘PM says I didn’t let the lack of oxygen happen. CM says there is no shortage of oxygen. The property of those spreading rumors of shortage will be confiscated. The minister said, give oxygen to the patients as needed. Do not give too much oxygen. Oxygen was out in Agra hospital. Mock drill was conducted by shutting off the oxygen of 22 patients. Who is responsible?’

Health Minister said – something can be said only after the investigation is completed

On this whole matter, UP Health Minister Jai Pratap Singh says, ‘There has been a complaint of problem in providing oxygen in Paras Hospital. The investigation is going on and something can be said only after the investigation is completed.

What was the mock drill of the hospital?

On Monday, 4 videos of Arinjay Jain, owner of Paras Hospital in Agra, surfaced. In which he is confessing that a mock drill was done on April 26 at 7 am to sieve the patients, in which the oxygen supply of corona infected patients was stopped. During this, 22 patients died within 5 minutes. There were 96 patients admitted to the hospital at that time. Dr. Arinjay Jain while talking to the people is saying that even the Chief Minister himself cannot arrange for oxygen. However, on Tuesday, the administration has seized Paras Hospital.

Let us tell you what the owner of the hospital, Dr Arinjay Jain, is saying in this video that went viral in four parts.

  • video-part-1

Some people are sitting near the hospital operator. Then he takes someone’s name and says, ‘Say boss that you explain, start discharging. There is no oxygen anywhere. Even the Chief Minister cannot ask for oxygen. Modinagar has become dry. My hands and feet swelled. Started personalizing some people (family members of the patients). Said, understand the matter. Some pendulums were made that they will not go anywhere… will not go. No one is going.

Then we said sort out those whose oxygen might be off. Hit a try. It will be known who will die and who will not. The mock drill was done at 7 am. 22 patients numbed. 22 patients discharged. It started turning blue. They were starting to get upset. opened immediately. Then the voice of another person came. He asked how long was the mock drill. The doctor said, ’22 died in 5 minutes. After this, asked the attendants to bring their own cylinders. This was the biggest experiment.

  • video-part-2

After this it was decided that no one will go anywhere. We said that such a big incident happened, the last year scandal was nothing. Now it will be written that 96 patients died in Paras. Another person said, ‘The scene of death will be seen. Now the game is over. Now career is over. Journalists will get 304 written, they will not agree. There will also be jail. It’s the last night.

What did I do again, I caught the group of oxygen. A big letter was put on it. Write your requirement. I put a letter on him that the oxygen has run out. I sought help from Tyagi vendors etc. Some people got reply. One said to give 5 cylinders. I said what would happen? Take a car worth two lakh, five lakh, ten lakh, but give cylinder. Get Bhopal from anywhere. To save a life was to save a career. I said put the price of gold, stand the tanker. How to stand Even the Chief Minister could not get the cylinder.

  • Video- Part-3

‘I have 12 hours. Or they will all die or refer them. The mind is completely gone. No way was shown. Called in the wards for an hour how to avoid these patients. Wrote a letter at 1 pm, necessary information for the attendants that the power supply oxygen has run out in Agra. Make arrangements for the patients somewhere. Time is till 10 am. Letter to Narendra Gaurav Chauhan, asked Laljit to read all the patients.

If the notice was pasted, it would have gone viral. There was a stir since two o’clock. Siege. There were people all around. Then another person said, there was a lot of beating in the life light. Oh no, no incident has happened to me here. I came to the reception. Everyone standing in the lobby. If we explained to the people, then people said where will we live or die. Everyone refused to go by voice vote.

  • Video- Part-4

‘I got a call from the mitigation officer, what happened, sir. Taking rounds. Agra is the largest supplier. Came immediately, said that it is the night of the murder. I said – what happened? I didn’t feel like it, as soon as the round was drawn.

At 12 o’clock he said that sir is the goods till morning. Ghaziabad became dry. Modinagar became dry. The car is not coming from Delhi. Goods will not arrive. I said what are you kidding. He won’t get it. No solution. Won’t even get it from DM. I took his words lightly. I said eat masala. Said I would not get it. There were 96 patients here. Everyone will be cleared.