Genshin Impact Noelle Build, Best Weapons, How to Use Noelle in Genshin Impact?


Genshin Impact Noelle Build is important to know to optimally use the character. Noelle is one of the popular characters in Genshin Impact. Read this article to learn about Genhin Impact Noelle Build.

Noelle in Genshin Impact

Noelle is one of the many playable characters in Genshin Impact. She is a B-Tier character and has the Geo element. There are many characters in Genshin Impact and all of them have unique abilities. So it important to know what type of weapons and armour to build on characters to bring out their full potential. Read on to get the complete skill build for Noelle that will complement her attacks and defences. Scroll down to get the complete Guide.

Genshin Impact Noelle Build

Noelle is a B-Tier character in Genshin Impact. She has a four-star rarity and her element is Geo. Her default weapon is the Claymore and she is a melee hero. You can find her Stats listed below,

LevelHPAttackDefenseAscension Bonus Stat
Lvl 202,60064172Def 0
Lvl 8011235178744Def +30%

Noelle Strengths and Weakness

It is also important to know about the strengths and weakness of a character to properly utilise skill points. You can find her’s listed below,


  • Elemental Burst turns Normal Attacks into Wide Range Geo Damage.
  • Naturally High Defense.
  • Elemental Skill can recover HP for all characters.


  • Low Base Damage
  • Requires Constellations to boost her Damage Potential

How to Use Noelle in Genshin Impact?

Noelle is a defensively strong character. Her elemental skill, Breastplate, creates a shield that scales with her Defence and gives a chance for her normal attacks to heal the party. The healing from the Breastplate also scales with her defence. So she is a unique character that can be played as both support or a damage dealer. Added to this, her Elemental Burst, Sweeping Time, converts all normal attacks into Geo attacks making her an ideal for clearing large waves of enemies.

Best Weapons to use on Noelle

The best weapon to use on Noelle is the Whiteblind, it can easily be obtained through the blacksmith, the second is The Unforged which can only be obtained through a wish.

WhiteblindNormal and charged attacks increase attack and defence by 6% for six seconds. This can occur once every 0.5 seconds
The UnforgedShield strength is increased by 20%. Hits that land on enemies increases attack by 4% for eight seconds. This can only occur once every 0.3 seconds. The attack increase is boosted by 100% when protected by the shield.

The best build for Noelle in Genshin Impact:

To build Noelle as the main DPS of the party, Skyward Pride, The Unforged, and Wolf’s Gravestone are the recommended 5-star weapons. The 4-star claymore, Whiteblind (craftable), is a decent choice too.

Main DPS:

  • With Whiteblind claymore, the best 5-star artifact for main DPS Noelle in Genshin Impact, is a 4-piece Retracing Bolide set. The set bonus provides additional 35% shield strength, and while protected by a shield, it provides an additional 40% DMG on normal and charged attacks. The main stats priority for the set should be HP > ATK > ATK/DEF > ATK/DEF > ATK/CRIT RATE/ CRIT DMG.
  • With The Unforged and Wolf’s Gravestone, the best 5-star artifact set will be 4-piece Gladiator’s Finale set. The set provides an additional 18% attack as a 2-piece set bonus and a 35% increase in normal and charged attack damage, if the character uses a sword, claymore, or polearm.

Support character:

  • As a dedicated support character, Noelle shines even with the 4-star artifact set “Defender’s Will.” This artifact provides an additional 30% DEF bonus with the 2-piece set, and increases elemental resonance by 30% of all the elements present in the party.

Farming DEF stat artifacts is not as difficult as farming the ATK or CRIT stats in Genshin Impact. So, building Noelle will be beneficial if players lack a good Geo character or shields in Genshin Impact.

A character who can provide a shield, heals, and has great damage output like Xingqiu, is surely a top-tier support character and must not be ignored.

Best Artifact to use on Noelle

The Retracting Bolide and Gladiator’s Finale are some of the best Artifacts to use on her since it boosts her defensive capabilities.

Artifact setEffect
Retracing BolideTwo equipped: Shield strength is increased by 35%.
Four equipped: Normal and charged attack damage is increased by 40% when protected by a shield .
Gladiator’s FinaleTwo equipped: Attack is increased by 18%
Four equipped: If the wielder of this artifact set uses a sword, claymore, or polearm, their normal attack damage is increased by 35%.

What are Noelle’s Skills?

Like all characters, she has both active and passive skills, you can find them listed below,

Active skills:

Favonius Bladework – MaidPerforms four slashes.
Favonius Bladework – Maid (charged)Consumes stamina to deal AoE damage with a powerful slash at the end.
Favonius Bladework – Maid (plunging)Plunge from mid-air to deal AoE damage on impact with the ground.
BreastplateCreates a shield that regenerates health and deals AoE geo damage. The shield can also do the following things while active:Normal and charged attacks may regenerate HP for all characters, both on and off the fieldThe geo element is applied to the character.Raise absorption efficiency against Geo damage by 250%.
Sweeping TimeDeals AoE geo damage before increasing Noelle’s attack AoE, converting attack damage to geo damage, and increasing Noelle’s attack based on her defence.

Passive skills:

DevotionWhile Noelle is in the party but not on the field and a character’s HP drops below 30%, a shield is created that absorbs 400% of Noelle’s defence as damage and lasts for 20 seconds.
Nice and CleanEvery four normal or charged attacks decrease Breastplate’s cooldown by one second.
Maid’s KnighthoodPerfect cooking on a defence-boosting dish has a 12% chance to obtain double the product.

What is the Cost to Ascend Noelle?

Like all other Ascensions, the cost for ascending Noelle is also pretty high. You can get the complete breakdown below,

Required LevelMoraMaterials
2020,000One Prithiva Topaz Sliver, three Valberry, three Damaged Mask
4040,000Three Prithiva Topaz Fragment, two Basalt Pillar, ten Valberry, 15 Damaged Mask
5060,000Six Prithiva Topaz Fragment, four Basalt Pillar, 20 Valberry, 12 Stained Mask
6080,000Three Prithiva Topaz Chunk, eight Basalt Pillar, 30 Valberry, 18 Stained Mask
70100,000Six Prithiva Topaz Chunk, 12 Basalt Pillar, 45 Valberry, 12 Ominous Mask
80120,000Six Prithiva Topaz Gemstone, 20 Basalt Pillar, 60 Valberry, 24 Ominous Mask
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