Free Fire partner program: Become an Official Free Fire Partner

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Free Fire is continuously striving to become better than its competitors and to encourage the players who have influence in the community, they have introduced a partnership program. Under this program, a player gets officially recognised and recieves huge perks than any normal player.

Free Fire is launching the partnership program to very limited regions for now, and once full scale, other regions can also expect the same with almost similar perks and rewards. Not only those who get signed, but their influence in the community will get recognised as well. Starting with a few in-game rewards, the game has also promised to provide other facilities to help boost their career.

Free Fire Partner program is currently running only for the Indonesian region and it can be expected to go to other regions soon. influencers like streamers, content creators, casters, analysts or any person with good Free Fire content on any media platform can opt for this program.

Free Fire Partner Program India: Become an Official Free Fire Partner

Free Fire has launched a partnership program. Before being the part of Free Fire Partner Program India, you will have to meet the free fire partner program Requirements. however, it is easy to become an Official Free Fire Partner and can get resources for a sustainable career out of the game.. here, we will find information regarding Free Fire Partner Program India benefits, Requirements, how to join and so on.

What is free fire Partner Program?

  • The Free Fire Partner Program offers various benefits to Free Fire players. such as Content PartnershipEvent InvitesGiveaways and Sign-up Rewards.

Free Fire Partner Program Requirements

Firstly, You will have to fulfil all kind of requirement to be a Free Fire Partner. they are:

  • Vibrant YouTube channel with over 1,00,000 subscribers
  • 80% Free Fire content in the last 30 days
  • Minimum 3,00,000 channel views over the last 30 days
  • Consistency in social media activity & content quality.
  • Clean, non-offensive & Engaging Content.
  • Professionalism & willingness to work hard.
  • Passion for gaming & drive to succeed together

Free Fire Partner Program 

Fre Fire Players are waiting for the Free Fire Partner Program. This Free Fire Partner Program will be an exciting factor for the players. The developers of Battle Royale have come up with Free Fire Partner Program to increase its popularity. Gaming Aura in a recent video announced the details about Free Fire Partner Program. 


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Those who opt to become recognised as an official partner recieve gifts as their sign up bonus. This ranges from diamonds, official jackets and game set-ups, depending upon numbers that the player brings on the table.


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Not only the partner, but its viewers and supporters also gain from this collaboration. The player can set various giveaways in form of redeem codes for their subscribers.


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Partners get promoted on the official social media handles and various channels of Free Fire to further boost their careers.


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Players will recieve information about various events before they even take place. This also provides an early access to some big events and some special reservations in live events as well.


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Free Fire promises to aid its partners with various equipment to boost their streaming career. This will help them create more quality content. More perks are set to come along the way.

Following are the T&C of the program:

Categories of partners that can join the Free Fire Partnership Program:

  • Content Creator/YouTuber
  • Cosplayer
  • Caster
  • Social Media channels (IG, FB, Etc)
  • Others

Requirements for Becoming a Partner

  • At least 80% of the content from the YouTube channel involves Free Fire
  • Have at least 10,000 subscribers
  • All registrants will be reviewed again by the Garena Free Fire team
  • Benefits will be provided according to the development of the channel, with the assessment that will be carried out by the Garena Free Fire Team

Free Fire Partner Program Benefits

The Free Fire Partner Program will offer various benefits to Free Fire players. benefits are here.

Content Partnership

  • The partners will have a full detailed and updated information regarding the in-game items, events.

Event Invites

  • partners will be able to receive exclusive access to Free Fire events


  • Members will be offered special redeem codes which they can also be shared to subscribers.

Sign-up Rewards

  • Partners will be able to get more Rewards or prizes depending on their reach.

Click here to visit the website.

Free Fire Partner Program Form – Click Here

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