Free Fire New Update 2021: Free Fire OB25 Update Patch Notes Revealed, Free Fire OB27 Update Expected Release Date, When is Free Fire OB25 Update Date and Time?


Free Fire is a popular battle-royale game and the developers are regular in updating their in-game content. Garena releases seasonal updates to add new features to the game and remove any bugs or problems. Most of the time this update is pushed within a period of two months and hence, one can estimate the release date for the Free Fire OB27 update.

Free Fire usually pushes its latest updates on the advanced server and after testing its stability, the features are subsequently released on the global servers. This method has been followed for several updates and for the upcoming OB27 update, a similar trend could be observed.

The Advanced server testing has not started for OB27 Update for now but is expected to begin very soon. The global update is still far away but the process of adding new content should begin in the next few weeks. The OB27 Update will be released in April 2021.


Free Fire OB27 Update could be released on 14th April 2021 on the global servers. The new features to the advanced server can be added a week prior to the update and registration for this beta testing might begin two weeks before releasing the global update.

This date is speculated on the trend of releases and isn’t based on any official announcement. Garena will release the date few days before the update so keep an eye on their social media handles.

What is the Free Fire New Update 2020? The most awaited Free Fire New Update will be released today (07 December 2020) and the Free Fire OB25 Update comes with new characters, additional improvements. Patch Notes for Free Fire New Update Today is listed in this article. Check out the entire information on Free Fire OB25 Update, free fire ob25 update date and time, Free Fire new update 2020 December new characters here.

Free Fire New Update Today in India

Garena Free Fire has a major update today (7th December 2020) for both Android and iOS devices. The Free Fire New Update Today made live at 5:45 pm in India and the new Free Fire New Update comes with surfboard adjustments, M4A1 assault rifle, an updated P90 SMG, and more. Players will get rewards once they update the game on their device. Players should note that at the time of server maintenance they cannot play the game.

Free Fire New Update Features

  • Adjustments to the Electric Surfboard
  • Advanced Weapons
  • Weapon Balance
  • New Weapon – Vector Akimbo

Free Fire OB23 Update – July 2020

Free Fire OB23 update release date is just around the corner as the testing period has concluded. The update to the Free Fire OB23 will be launched on July 29, 2020, and players can download it from the Google Play Store and Apple Store. The Free Fire 3volution upcoming update is based on the theme of the 3rd Anniversary, adding the new character Lucas, a new pet- Mr Wagger, Bermuda 2.0 map, the AUG gun, and more.

Free Fire OB23 Update Size

The Free Fire OB23 update will have a size of 391 MB for Android devices, and 500 MB for iOS phones. Players will be able to download the same from their respective app stores, i.e. Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

What is the Free Fire OB23 Update Date and Time?

The OB23 update will be released officially on July 29th, 2020 and the time is uncertain. The game will be available on Google Play Store and Apple Store for free.

Free Fire OB23 Update Patch Notes Revealed

The upcoming OB23 Update will include the following features,

  • New Character Luqueta
  • New Character Mr Wagger
  • New Weapon AUG
  • New item ‘Revive Kit
  • New Spawn Island’ The Runway
  • New Training Ground
  • Hayato Firebrand (coming soon)
  • Plan Bermuda (Bermuda Remastered)

New Character Luqueta – Every kill increases the maximum HP by (8/10/12/14/16/18), up to 35.

New Character Mr Wagger – Mr Waggor can produce 1 Gloo Wall grenade every (120/100/100) second, if a player has less than (1/1/2) Gloo Wall grenades.

New Weapon AUG – It will be available in Classic and Clash Squad (Rank & Classic) as an assault rifle. The gun will have 2x scope and 35 rounds magazine.

New item Revive Kit – Players can restore their fighting ability while downed, using the revive kit. After using the Horizaline, players will be revived with 100 HP, but they won’t stop bleeding.

New Spawn Island’ The Runway – Spawn island was added to the game

New Training Ground – In training ground, vehicles and gloo walls are added along with other enhancements such as shooting range and practice zone, etc.

Coming Soon: Hayato Firebrand – On the 3rd Anniversary event on 22nd August 2020 players can get this awakened character for free.

Plan Bermuda (Bermuda Remastered) – In the upcoming update, Free Fire will reveal its Bermuda Plan. With the addition of new places, the Bermuda map will be redesigned.

What are the improvements added in upcoming Free Fire OB23 Update? 

  • The Rank Season 2 to start on 30th July 2020
  • The aim assist will prioritize players who are in combat
  • The new driving mechanism has Maximum speed adjustment for the vehicles
  • When players are above 38m in altitude, they will descend faster
  • Players can add a limit on the amount of heath and can restore per second
  • Weapon improvements
  • Added – New management system 
  • Additional improvements also include a summary page for Clash Squad and Gun King
  • Players can  invite friends to join their party by sending a  system-generated link
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