4 Reasons Why SmackDown Episodes Are Much Better Than WWE Raw


WWE is the largest professional wrestling company. Actually, WWE has three brands Raw, SmackDown and NXT. Raw and SmackDown are the most famous during this time. With this, there are always ongoing comparisons between the two. Both brands have different superstars and titles.

Everyone believes that episodes of SmackDown are much better than Raw. There are a few reasons that prove that SmackDown is actually better than Raw. So in this article we are going to talk about 4 reasons why the episodes of SmackDown are much better than Raw.

4- WWE SmackDown episode is shorter than Raw

The biggest difference between SmackDown and Raw is in their time. Actually, the episode of SmackDown is two hours long. In addition, Raw’s episode lasts for three hours. In such a situation, there is a big difference of one hour in both the shows. Thinking that Raw has more time and will get to see better action. Yet the same cannot be said for Raw.

At times the WWE drags the segments and matches too much to make up for the time. This spoils the fun to some extent. Many times superstars fight a match and end up in DQ. This is followed by their second match immediately. Due to this, the fans become bored. The same cannot be said for SmackDown. SmackDown has less time and decides things accordingly.

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