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Five West Rochester, MN
Five West Rochester MN
Five West Rochester MN
Five West Rochester MN

Five West Rochester Near Me.

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Five West is an American restaurant, kitchen and bar, located in Rochester, MN 55901.

The restaurant offers a wide variety of food options, in the dinner menu there are salads, sandwiches, burgers, pizzas and plenty of main dishes.

The average cost for dishes in this place is inexpensive. The restaurant hosts private parties and special events regularly. Gift cards are available.

Visit the Five West Restaurant at 1991 Commerce Dr NW, for reservations and more information make a phone call to 507.361-5555






  • Sunday: 07:00-22:00
  • Monday: 07:00-22:00
  • Tuesday: 07:00-22:00
  • Wednesday: 07:00-22:00
  • Thursday: 07:00-22:00
  • Friday: 07:00-22:00
  • Saturday: 07:00-22:00

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