5 Ways The Roman Reigns Faction Could End On WWE TV

Roman Reigns and The Usos

Roman Reigns made a comeback at WWE SummerSlam 2020 last year and since his return, Roman Reigns has established his dominance in SmackDown. Not only this, Roman had made Paul Heyman and Jay Uso part of his stable after his return. At the same time, the recent comeback Jimmy Uso is also trying to make Tribal Chief a part of his faction but Roman has so far failed in this thing.

Through this thing, WWE is probably trying to indicate that Roman Reigns’s fact may be broken in the coming times. One thing to ponder, however, is why The Usos and Paul Heyman will separate from Roman. In this article, we are going to mention 5 such ways in which the Roman Reigns faction can be broken on WWE television.

5- The Usos may have cheated on Roman Reigns in WWE SmackDown

Since the return of Jimmy Uso, confusion has arisen for Jay Uso and he does not understand who should he support between his brother Jimmy and Roman Reigns. However, Jay Uso still remains loyal to Roman Reigns. Last week on SmackDown, Roman Reigns interfered in the SmackDown Tag Team Championship match, ending the match in disqualification, and it seemed he didn’t want The Usos to be champions.

After this match, when Jimmy came out of the ring, he wanted to see Jay Uso also follow him but Jay Uso remained in the ring with Roman. It is worth noting that during last week’s show itself, Roman made fun of Je Uso by calling him, Jimmy. Jay Uso must also have understood that Roman has no value for him and because of this, he can part ways with Jimmy Uso by betraying Roman Reigns.

4- Roman Reigns may betray The Usos and team up with Seth Rollins in WWE SmackDown

Roman Reigns has been a part of The Shield with Seth Rollins in WWE. Now that Roman and Rollins are both heel superstars at the moment, so these two superstars can come together. Anyway, Roman doesn’t seem too happy with The Usos’ performance and last week on SmackDown he expressed his disappointment with The Usos.

This is the reason why Roman Reigns, betraying The Usos, may decide to part ways with Seth Rollins in the future. Even if Seth does team up with Roman, he will hardly be a part of this team for long and may eventually challenge the Tribal Chief to a Universal Championship match.

3- Losing the Universal Championship to Roman Reigns at WWE SmackDown

Roman Reigns is currently the face of SmackDown as the WWE Universal Champion. However, if he loses his Universal Title, he will be replaced by a new Universal Champion as the face of SmackDown.

It is for sure that Roman will lose his Universal Title because of Jimmy or Jay Uso. Whatever superstar, Jay or Jimmy, will cause Roman to lose his title, he will definitely attack that superstar. Jay and Jimmy Uso can’t see each other in trouble at all, so the two superstars may decide to part ways with Tribal Chief after being attacked by Roman.

2- Because of The Rock, Roman Reigns’s fact could be broken in WWE

Roman Reigns has been the head of the table for his family in WWE for almost a year now. Jay Uso was forced to accept Roman Reigns as Head of the Table and currently Jimmy Uso has not yet accepted Roman Reigns as Head of the Table.

WWE legend The Rock is the only superstar who can show Roman Reigns his rightful place in his family. Which is why if this storyline continues until WrestleMania 38, it’s possible that The Rock could return and establish himself as the real head of the table by defeating Roman Reigns at Show of Shows next year. Roman’s fact may be broken.

1- Paul Heyman may leave Roman Reigns because of Brock Lesnar in WWE

Roman Reigns has been with Paul Heyman since his return to WWE last year, and Paul Heyman has helped Roman Reigns a lot since coming together. However, at present, news of Brock Lesnar’s return has started to surface and if Lesnar returns, Paul Heyman may leave Tribal Chief.

Roman Reigns doesn’t need Paul Heyman to give a promo just opposite Brock Lesnar. However, if Paul Heyman leaves his side, Roman may have to struggle a lot to keep his faction from breaking and it is possible that Roman’s faction may end in the end.