Fire Emblem Engage: The Ultimate Guide to Anna’s Best Class

best class for Anna in Fire Emblem Engage
best class for Anna in Fire Emblem Engage

In Fire Emblem Engage, players have access to a diverse cast of characters to play as and develop relationships with. Each character starts with their own class, but it may not always be the optimal choice for their unique stats and abilities. One such character is Anna, a young warrior from Elusia who is initially an Axe Fighter. However, players may find greater success in the game by switching her to a different class. Discover the best class for Anna in Fire Emblem Engage and unlock her full potential in this epic strategy RPG.

Best Class for Anna in Fire Emblem Engage

When you first recruit Anna in Fire Emblem Engage, her initial stats are: HP 29, Strength 10, Magic 2, Dexterity 9, Speed 7, Defense 4, Resistance 5, Luck 3, and Build 7. However, her stat growth shows that she is much better suited for a magic-based class. Her stat growth is: HP 55, Strength 15, Magic 50, Dexterity 50, Speed 50, Defense 20, Resistance 35, Luck 45, and Build 5.

To make the most of her potential, players should first level her up to Level 10 and then use the Second Seal to switch her to the Mage base class. Continuously level her up in the Mage class until Level 20 and then use the Master Seal to switch her to the Sage Advanced Class. To do this, players need to have unlocked the Staff and Tome Weapon Proficiencies. The Sage class is the optimal choice for Anna, but players can also choose to turn her into a High Priest or Griffin Knight. Alternatively, players could also go the route of having her be a Flier or Cavalier and then advancing her into a Wolf Knight.

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