Fadnavis hoarding of Remedesvir is a crime against humanity: Priyanka Gandhi


New Delhi, April 19 (Agency): Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra targeted former state Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis in the backdrop of a dispute involving the questioning of a pharma company director in Maharashtra and alleged that the BJP leader injected Remedesvir Hoarding is a crime against humanity.

Sharing the video of Fadnavis reaching a police station in the state, he tweeted, “When people from every corner of the country are requesting to provide Remedesvir and all the people struggle to raise a bottle of Remedesvir in some way to save their lives.” Are doing, the act of hoarding the Remedesvir of the BJP leader who was in the responsible post at that time is a crime against humanity. ”

The Mumbai police questioned the director of a pharma company after receiving reports of preparations to send thousands of vials of Remedesvir drug, considered important in the treatment of Corona virus infection. There is a restriction but it was reported that its consignment is going to be sent abroad by cargo plane.


Police interrogated Rajesh Dokania, director of the Union Territory of Daman-based Brook Pharma Company, on Saturday night, which produces Remedisvir. Former Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and other state BJP leader Praveen Darekar reached the police station after receiving news of the interrogation of Dokania. Fadnavis said the Maharashtra unit of the BJP had approached various pharmaceutical companies in view of the shortage of Remedisvir.

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