Fact Check: Fake and fabricated statement going viral in the name of Rakesh Tikait with the claim of stopping the supply of oxygen in Delhi


Amidst a growing case of Corona virus infection in the country and the oxygen supply crisis, a post that has gone viral on social media, claims that farmer leader Rakesh Tikait has said that until the demands of agitated farmers are met, Then oxygen trucks will not be allowed to enter Delhi.

This claim turned out to be wrong in the investigation of Vishwas News. The statement that is going viral in the name of farmer leader Rakesh Tikait is fake and fabricated. The supply of oxygen to Delhi was not stopped by the farmers.

What is a viral post?

Facebook user 'Sonalisa Behera' shared the viral graphics (archive link), writing, "If it is true then it should be hanged publicly."

In the graphics, Rakesh Tikait's picture reads, "Oxygen supply in Delhi stopped by farmers, we will not let any oxygen truck in Delhi till our point is accepted."

The investigation

In the news search, we received many such reports, in which the allegations of obstruction of oxygen supply in Delhi have been dismissed.

On the news agency ANI, we found the statement of Rakesh Tikait. Accordingly, "These allegations are false, the highways are open." Full supply is coming from here. I do not understand who the gas companies accused me of saying. '

According to the statement of Rakesh Tikait, given to the agency on 21 April, "If there is a shortage of oxygen in the country, then give an excuse. This is a political statement. Farmer organizations have not stopped any necessary supplies. '

We then contacted Dharmendra Malik, media of the Bharatiya Kisan Union. He sent us a video in which oxygen trucks can be seen coming out of the middle of the farmers comfortably. On the contrary, he alleged that trucks carrying intentional oxygen supply are being sent from the areas where the farmers are sitting on agitation, but in spite of this the trucks are leaving easily. Malik said, "Such a propaganda is being done as part of a conspiracy to discredit the peasant movement."

Significantly, due to the oxygen supply crisis in India, patients have died in many hospitals in Delhi. But the claim of the agitating farmers to stop the supply of oxygen in Delhi is wrong.

Users who shared viral posts with false claims have locked their profile.

Conclusion: The claim of the agitating farmers to stop the supply of oxygen in Delhi with the demand for withdrawal of agricultural laws is wrong. The statement that went viral with the claim in the name of farmer leader Rakesh Tikait is completely fake and fabricated.

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