Euro Cup: Why Cristiano Ronaldo got angry after seeing Coca-Cola bottle, shouted in front of the camera, VIDEO


Euro Cup: Why Cristiano Ronaldo got angry after seeing Coca-Cola bottle, shouted in front of the camera:In the Euro 2020 (Euro 2020), the Portugal football team of Cristiano Ronaldo will play its first match on Tuesday, Portugal will face Hungary (Portugal vs Hungary). Earlier, Cristiano Ronaldo held a press conference, but as soon as he came to the conference, Cristiano Ronaldo got angry after seeing the bottle of Rakhi Coca Cola in front, and reacted in front of the camera in such a way that became the media headlines. Cristiano Ronaldo is the player with the most fan following in the world, his fans all over the world follow Ronaldo’s fitness and his style. His fame can be gauged from the fact that Virat Kohli, who himself is known for his fitness, considers Cristiano Ronaldo as his idol. Let us tell you why Cristiano Ronaldo got angry with the Coca Cola bottle, And what did he react to it?

Why did Cristiano Ronaldo get angry after seeing a Coca-Cola bottle?

When Cristiano Ronaldo came to the press conference before his first match of Euro Cup 2020, he saw 2 bottles of Coca Cola in front of him. Let us tell you here that Coca-Cola is the official sponsor of the Euro Cup, and for this reason its bottle was kept in the display. But Cristiano Ronaldo, known all over the world for his discipline diet, did not like this thing, he removed both the bottles from his front and kept them away. Not only this, he put the bottle of water in front of him, saying in a loud voice.

Cristiano Ronaldo did not even want to be seen in the photo with the soft drink company Coca Cola, and for this reason, he immediately put these bottles to the side at the press conference. It has come to the fore in many reports that Cristiano Ronaldo does not do any negligence in the matter of eating, he always eats routine and pure food. He avoids eating fast food, junk food etc.