Euro 2020: UEFA tells Euro 2020 teams not to remove bottles of sponsor companies


Euro 2020: UEFA asks Euro 2020 teams not to remove bottles from sponsor companies That they should stop removing the drinks bottles of the sponsor companies placed under the strategy on the press conference forums.

Ronaldo, Paul Pogba and Manuel Locatelli all sat in their seats during the press conference this week to clear out all the bottles of sponsors that were in front of the camera.

Euro 2020 tournament director Martin Kallen said that UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) has informed the teams in this regard.

“This is important because sponsors’ revenue is important to the tournament and to European football,” Kallen said.

Pogba is a Muslim and does not drink alcohol, objecting to the green bottle of Heineken, the official beer sponsor of Euro 2020.

Kallen said the tournament rules must comply with promises made to UEFA sponsors, although there is no need for a bottle for players who object because of religion.

Ronaldo replaced two Coca-Cola bottles of water at a mandatory pre-match press conference on Monday, which was also branded by a beverage company.

Ronaldo’s doing so led to a fall in Coca-Cola shares, but there is no evidence of a connection between the two things.