EURO 2020: Referee, medical staff and they are being praised for saving Christian Eriksen, the decision taken in 5 seconds


EURO 2020: Referee, medical staff and they are being praised for saving Christian Eriksen, the decision taken in 5 seconds:The event of Euro 2020 has started, yesterday the match was played between Denmark and Finland. Finland won 1–0 over Denmark, but Joel, who scored the only goal in the match, did not celebrate. This is because an untoward incident had happened earlier in this match, which had worried people all over the world. In fact, in the 43rd minute of the match, Danish player Christian Ericsson suddenly fell, he had to give CPR. Seeing his condition, not only on the field but the fans all over the world were terrified, from cricketers to other players and fans in India were praying for his well being. Its video also spread rapidly on social media how Christian Ericsson suddenly fell unconscious on the field. Good news came from the hospital that Ericsson’s condition is stable. Fans around the world are happy that Christian Ericsson is safe,And behind this, the fans are also praising those people who showed agility, who came with medical help, and who maintained such a situation wisely.

The match referee immediately called the medial team

In the 43rd minute of this match between Finland and Denmark, Christian Ericsson suddenly fell to the ground, he was unconscious. During this, referee Anthony Taylor must have hardly spent 5 seconds and immediately signaled to call the medical staff. Instead of seeing something on his own in this hour, he took a quick decision to call the medical team immediately, which is being highly appreciated. Because it is often seen that the referee first understands the situation himself and then calls the medical team. But the referees here immediately understood the gravity of the situation and did not delay in taking a wise decision.

Medical team saved Christian Ericsson’s life!

Seeing the referee’s message, the medical team immediately rushed to Christian Ericsson, barely 10 seconds before the team would have spent and began Ericsson’s primary treatment. After this the medical team took him to the hospital, but when he was being taken, it was seen in a photo that Ericsson was conscious. The medical team is being praised on social media for its agility, alertness and commendable work.

Simon Kjaer showed restraint

Denmark captain Simon Kjaer did not lose his composure during this time, he wisely went to Ericsson before the arrival of the medical team, handled his neck, cleared the air and performed CPR on his own. After this act of his, he is being given the status of a hero on social media. Not only this, but he also trusted his wife after this and assured her that Ericsson would recover soon, after that when the match started, he was leading his team. In fact, the work done by all of them is less appreciated.