EURO 2020: Due to this act of Cristiano Ronaldo, Coca Cola lost Rs 29000 crores, know the whole matter


EURO 2020: Due to this act of Cristiano Ronaldo, Coca Cola lost Rs 29000 crore – Cristiano Ronaldo became the highest goalscorer in the European Football Championship and with the help of his two goals, Portugal defeated Hungary on Tuesday. 3-0 but before this match, Ronaldo had become the subject of discussion. In fact, as soon as he came to the press conference, Cristiano Ronaldo got angry after seeing the Coca Cola bottle kept on the table and gave such a reaction in front of the camera, whose video immediately went viral. Cristiano Ronaldo is the player with the most fan following in the world, his fans all over the world follow Ronaldo’s fitness and his style.

Know what happened during the press conference-

Cristiano Ronaldo came to the press conference before his first match of Euro Cup 2020. Two bottles of Coca-Cola were kept in front of him. Let us tell you that Coca-Cola is the official sponsor of the Euro Cup and for this reason its bottle was kept in the display, but Cristiano Ronaldo, who is known for his disciplined diet around the world, did not like this thing, he saw both the bottles. Removed him from his front and put him away. Not only this, after this, saying in a loud voice, he put the bottle of water in front of him.

According to ‘The Daily Star’, due to this act of Ronaldo, the company’s shares fell by 1.6 percent. The gesture to put the bottles aside caused a massive 1.6% drop in the stock market for the company, and in economic terms, Coca-Cola’s value dropped from $242 billion to $238 billion. The total loss was $ 4 billion (about Rs 29,300 crore).

Ronaldo scored on the penalty spot in the 87th minute and then scored the second goal in injury time.

This was the first match of Euro 2020 to be played between full number of spectators. Puskas Arena had 67215 spectators, most of whom were Hungarian supporters. Hungary is the only one among the ten host countries to allow 100 percent spectators to enter the stadium.

This is the fifth Euro Championship for Juventus forward Ronaldo, who played for the first time in 2004. He had nine goals similar to that of Michael Platini but in the 87th minute he took the record. Ronaldo, 36, became the only player to score five consecutive Euro Championship goals. Defender Rafael Guerreiro scored the first goal for Portugal in the third minute.