Era of Althea Tier List

Era of Althea Tier List
Era of Althea Tier List

If we talk about Era of Althea, it is an exciting Roblox fighting game, and the special thing is that you level up to acquire abilities and become even stronger. Of course, knowing which abilities, races, and traits are the best picks for your character is the key to victory here. In this guide, we are going to provide an Era of Althea Tier List for all of these, so that you can plan out your most powerful character in advance. Let’s jump right into it.

Best Snaps in Era of Althea

For information, let us tell you that we are going to order them on the basis of tier ranking. Whatever goes under S Tier is definitely the best, while C Tier is the least. Now let’s see which snaps are the best, and which are the worst, as well as your chances of getting them:

  • S Tier: Spatial (0.01%), Time (0.3%), and Demon (0.7%).
  • A Tier: Heavenly Body (1%) and Compose (1%).
  • B Tier: Frost (5%), Explosion (5%), and Light (15%).
  • C Tier: Dark (75%), Fire (75%), Wind (75%), and Water (75%).

As you can see, Spatial is the best Snap. However, you only have a meager 0.01% chance of actually getting it. But if you do manage to get it – either through luck or sheer grind – or Time or Demon, you should be good to go.

Best Races in Era of Althea

There are six races in Era of Althea, each of them with their particular strengths. Here’s their tier order, starting with the best ones:

  • S Tier: Noble and Elf.
  • A Tier: Liger.
  • B Tier: Jakkon.
  • C Tier: Human and Xoviac.

Best Traits in Era of Althea

Finally, let’s take a look at the traits in Era of Althea and see which ones you should strive to get, and which ones are a lot less useful in the game:

  • S Tier: Blade Master and Elven Blood.
  • A Tier: Game Addict and Alchemist.
  • B Tier: Resilient and Blacksmith.
  • C Tier: Traitless.

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