Dragon Ball Idle Codes – June 2021


By using the new active Dragon Ball Idle Codes, you can get some free items such as Rubies, Stamina, Summon Ticket, Equipment Box and so on.

We will keep updating this Dragon Ball Idle Codes List and will add it whenever the new codes are released, so don’t forget to bookmark this page.

Dragon Ball Idle Codes – Valid Codes

Most of the codes will give you a bunch of Diamonds, tons of coins and some exclusive items

  • 45kLkrrX: Code Reward: 500 Diamonds (New)
  • dragonball: Code Reward: 500 Diamonds
  • C4typ2pL: Code Reward: 500 Diamonds
  • J4PLXMCK: Code Reward: 500 Diamonds
  • w484dnbP: Code Reward: 500 Diamonds
  • J44RCExs: Code Reward: 400 Diamonds
  • 96Ay4J3r: Code Reward: 400 Diamonds
  • W3cDEiCU: Code Reward: 500 Diamonds
  • K5kLgWAJ: Code Reward: 500 Diamonds
  • j5kLiSQF: Code Reward: 800 Diamonds
  • Resource999: Code Reward: 199 Diamonds and also 9999 coins
  • B5kMAvGk: Code Reward: 400 Diamonds
  • L5kJb69m: Code Reward:
  • R6Ay878D: Code Reward: 700 Diamonds
  • Freepull30: Code Reward: some Diamonds
  • R5kKCeDw: Code Reward: 200 Diamonds
  • b4PMjyud: Code Reward: 200 Diamonds

Codes don’t last forever, so redeem them before we include them in the expired list. We will keep both lists updated

Dragon Ball Idle Codes – Expired

These are all the expired codes so far:

  • q4PLYFVy: Code Reward: some Diamonds
  • j4PNW4nV: Code Reward: some Diamonds
  • 36Aydrmi: Code Reward: some Diamonds
  • w4tykxfd: Code Reward: some Diamonds
  • 4484iQ8d: Code Reward: some Diamonds
  • j5kLiSQF: Code Reward: some Diamonds
  • 36Aydrmi: Code Reward
  • j4PNW4nV: Code Reward
  • q4PLYFVy: Code Reward
  • w4tykxfd: Code Reward

Dragon Ball Idle Codes – How to Redeem

Have you ever redeemed a code? If not, follow these steps:

  1. Player avatar: Click on the player avatar located in the upper left corner
  2. Redeem Code: Find and click on the Redeem Code button in the new menu
  3. Exchange: Input the code, press Exchange, and thats all

But take in mind that codes can only be redeemed once for each account

How to Play?

  • Fighters Collection: Dozens of fighters from different planets are waiting to meet you and join your team.
  • Gorgeous Battle:Each battle has the Super Ultimate skill. It can be triggered when the power is full. Show them how powerful you are!
  • Diverse Boss: Powerful enemy attacks. Together with global players to defend your homeland!
  • Rich Resources and Earnings: Numerous places are available to get resources to make you fighter more strong!
  • Exquisite battle Scenario: Designed with comic color and classic combat scene.

Come and prove your strength!!!

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