Deploy Alien Nanites Not Working: How To Fix Deploy Alien Nanites Quest Not Working?


If you’re still working your way through this week’s Legendary Quests, you might not even have a clue what Alien Nanites are. The new feature was included in a recent hotfix a few days ago, find out more about what they do at the link below.

Deploy Alien Nanites Not Working

The developer of epic games has newly added new technology to Fortnite is Alien Nanites. There is a new challenge for Fortnite which instructs fans to deploy Alien Nanites anywhere. Other than Holly Hatchery, and this guide contains an easy method for getting that done. But the Deploy Alien Nanites Not Working has been an issue that many gamers have raised complaints with.

Fortnite’s deploy Alien Nanites challenge is currently an error for some players and this guide will give you the details of solutions that they can try. It seems that the Deploy Alien Nanites Not Working for every user. So here we have more information on how to fix Deploy Alien Nanites Not Working.

Deploy Alien Nanites Quest Not Working

There are two major problems with the new quest Players aren’t able to complete the quest after throwing the Alien Nanites on the ground,that they can’t even find the nanites in the first place. If you’re unable to find the Alien Nanites, you’ll have increased odds by searching for them in alien mothership chests. Few suggested that they don’t have to aim while throwing the Alien Nanites. All you need to do is equip the item and press the fire button. This should do the trick.

How To Fix Deploy Alien Nanites Not Working?

  • Complete the challenge on  Alien Nanites by throwing at their characters feet instead of throwing from the long-distance it’s better to throw nearby distance.
  • Epic Games has not published any reason to fix Deploy Alien Nanites Not Working. As the epic games are the developer of Alien Nanites it does not establish why the Deploy Alien Nanites Not Working.

Week 5 Quest Fortnite

These are the Fortnite week 5 quests.

Place Welcome Gifts in Holly Hatchery 30,000   XP   
Get Slone’s orders from Payphone 15,000 XP
Dance Near Zyg and Choppy 30,000 XP
Get infected by an Alien Parasite and talk to Sunny 30,000 XP
Interact with a CB Radio 45,000 XP
Deploy Alien Nanites  30,000 XP


One of the Week 5 Legendary Quests requires players to deploy one alien nanite to receive 30,000 XP. Unfortunately, though, players are running into an issue where deploying an Alien Nanite doesn’t complete the challenge.

Players are reporting that they have thrown multiple Alien Nanites and the quest still sits at (0/1). If this issue is happening to you, you’re not alone. As of writing, there’s no fix for the broken quest which means you cannot progress until Epic deploys a resolution to the issue.


The developers behind Fortnite, Epic Games, took to Twitter to announce that they are looking to resolve the issue with the ‘Deploy Alien Nanites’ Quest not working.

Epic said they “are investigating the issue with the “Deploy Alien Nanites” Quest not completing for some players. We will update you when we have more information”.

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