Covid Game: 15 days after being buried, the old woman returned home


After 16 days of death, Girijamma, the wife of Mutila Gadaiah, returned but in the meantime, Mutaiya’s son had died. This game of Covid took place in Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh. Both Mutila’s wife and son had been hit by the coronavirus.

The seventy-year-old wife of Mutila, who lives in Christianpet village in Jagaiypet taluka, was infected with Covid. He was admitted to the Government Hospital in Vijayawada on 12 May. After getting admitted, Mutila started going to the hospital every day. He would see the old lady and return with the doctors. But when he reached the hospital on May 15, his wife was not found in bed. He saw other beds here and there in the Covid ward, but there was no trace of his aged wife. Exhausted, he went to the hospital authorities and cried. The officers called the nurse on duty. The nurse thought for a while and then said that maybe the old lady had died.

The people of the hospital kept running for some time and then told Mutila that the body had been found. was kept in the mortuary. After some time, the hospital people handed over a sealed dead body to Mutila under Covid rules saying that this is your wife. The sad Mutila somehow reached his village with the dead body and after some time weeping and washing the dead body was buried according to the customs.

A week later, Mutila got the news that his son Ramesh (35), a resident of Khammam district, had also died of Covid. Mutila was badly broken by the death of the first wife and then son. But customs have to be followed. So on May 1st, a memorial service was organized in the village in memory of Girijamma and her son Ramesh. But, the next day on the morning of May 2, a miracle happened. The door of the house swung and when the door was opened, his seventy year old wife Girijamma was standing in front of Mutaiya.

She got furious on seeing her husband that why no one came to the hospital to pick him up. Said, it was the hospital people who gave her 3000 rupees and said that you are fine. go home now. But the old woman’s happiness did not last long. When the husband told that the son had died, she started crying bitterly.

Mutaiya said that the sealed dead body was not opened under the Covid rules. We assumed that the deceased was our wife. buried him. Police said that Mutila has not registered any case of negligence against the hospital so far. So whose body was that buried? No one knows this. It is possible that the heirs of the buried corpse may have cremated another dead body by the grace of the hospital.