Controversy again over deaths from Corona: Center rejects foreign media report claiming 7 times deaths, saying – figures are not trustworthy

FILE PHOTO: A health worker wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) carries a patient suffering from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outside the casualty ward at Guru Teg Bahadur hospital, in New Delhi, India, April 24, 2021. REUTERS/Adnan Abidi/File Photo

The central government has rejected the media report, in which the actual deaths due to corona were said to be 5 to 7 times more than the government figures. The government has called the figures given in the report wrong. Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan has condemned that report without naming it.

The Health Ministry has termed the article published in The Economist as fictitious and misleading. The ministry has said that the manner in which the epidemic data has been assessed in the report has no basis. In no other country is the data studied in this way.

Centre cleaning in 4 points

  1. The report does not specify the method by which the research was done. Whereas the help of Research Gate and PubMed is taken for this kind of internet research.
  2. Insurance claims of Telangana have also been made the basis in the report. This also shows that the study has no scientific basis.
  3. Data from agencies such as C-Voter and Prasyanam, which conduct survey on election results, have also been used. Whereas these agencies do not have any experience in research related to public health. Sometimes their claims have been different from the results.
  4. The report itself states that the estimates made are derived from local government data, records of certain companies and records of people who died. which cannot be considered reliable.

Government following the guidelines of ICMR and WHO

The Health Ministry has said that the government is adopting complete transparency regarding the data of Corona. To avoid confusion in deaths due to corona, those guidelines are being followed, which were issued by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) in May 2020. The ICD-10 code issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) is being followed to keep accurate records of deaths.

data study centre

The central government has already asked the states and union territories to release the correct data of corona. Central government teams are also working on this. The data coming from the states is studied district wise on a daily basis. The states from where the death tolls were consistently coming down were asked to re-examine it district-wise. The central government has also asked the Bihar government to give a report on the deaths from Corona in all the districts.

The Center has further said that there is always a difference in the recorded deaths during the pandemic. Well research on this is usually done only later, when the epidemic is over, we have reliable data.

The magazine made the basis of 19 weeks of data

Britain’s magazine The Economist had claimed that the number of deaths due to corona in India as shown in government figures, in reality, deaths have been 5 to 7 times more than that. The magazine published an article on Saturday. It was based on the research of Christopher Leffler of the Commonwealth University of Virginia.

It was told in the report that during the first 19 weeks of the epidemic in India in 2021, 131 to 181 people died per 1 lakh people. This data was released on the basis of research done in 6 states. If it is implemented across the country, then in 2021, between 17 lakh and 24 lakh people have died within 19 weeks.

1.6 lakh deaths in MP last month, 4 times more than last year

Earlier on Saturday, data from the Civil Registration System (CRS) revealed that Madhya Pradesh has witnessed more than 1.6 lakh deaths in May this year. For the first time, the account of these deaths recorded in government data was found. According to the government data of CRS, the death toll in May this year is 4 times more than last year.

Between January and May this year, there have been 1.9 lakh more deaths than last year. 31 thousand lives were lost in the state in May 2019 and 34 thousand in 2020. Although the number of deaths due to the nationwide lockdown decreased in April 2020, the number started increasing in May of the same year.

The death toll rose sharply in March this year and by April, the number of deaths recorded in a month had doubled. In May, deaths equal to six months have been recorded. However, it is not necessary that all these deaths were due to Kovid itself.