Congress’s mission UP to rely on Muslims: Congress will make inroads into Muslim homes through children studying in madrasas, list 2 lakh madrasas; Blueprint ready in 5 points


The Congress has started preparations on every front for the assembly elections to be held in Uttar Pradesh next year. The Congress has made different plans to cater to people of different castes and religions. According to sources, the Congress has made up its mind to take the help of children studying in madrassas to make inroads among the Muslims. For this, a list of 2 lakh madrasas in the state has also been prepared.

Why did you have to resort to madrasas?

Uttar Pradesh Minority Congress President Shahnawaz Alam says that since 1990, due to the neglect of Muslims in the party, minority votes started shifting towards SP and BSP. But even in these parties, Muslims did not get attention. Even in UP, Congress did not have any strong leadership. Due to this, Muslim voters were forced to go with the SP and BSP in opposition to the BJP; Both the parties kept taking advantage of which, but now the UP Congress has got a good leadership in the form of Priyanka Gandhi. Therefore, the exercise of connecting Muslims with the Congress is starting afresh.

Blue print ready in 5 points

  1. The campaign to connect Muslim voters with the party will be started from madrasas.
  2. A list of two lakh madrasas running in the mohallas from villages to cities has been prepared.
  3. Party workers will go to these madrassas and hold meetings with the Ulemas and inform the students of the madrassas about the policies and election agenda of the Congress.
  4. With the help of the students of madrasas, they will reach their homes.
  5. Will help the Muslims who have faced problems during the Corona period.

More than 50% of the population in Moradabad and Rampur is Muslim.

Lakhimpur Kheri20.08%
Sant Kabir Nagar23.58%
Varanasi (Kashi)14.88%

Campaign started against SP

Shahnawaz says that a ‘Speak Up Minority’ campaign has been started to connect the minorities. In this campaign being run through Facebook Live, it is being told that somehow the SP has internal nexus with the BJP. He told that in this campaign to be held every Sunday, we also tell the statement given by Mulayam Singh Yadav in Parliament. Mulayam Singh had said in Parliament that Narendra Modi should become the Prime Minister again. It is clear from this that some agreement has been reached between the SP and the BJP with the back door.

Vote share formula ready

  • In the 2017 assembly elections, 47% of Yadav votes went with the SP and 20% in the Lok Sabha. Now the remaining voters will be linked to Congress.
  • Will try to get 28 to 30% votes. The Congress survey has shown that the government will be formed after getting a majority of 30% of the votes.
  • 20% of Muslim voters will be asked to unite and come with Congress.
  • Angry Brahmins, non-Yadav OBCs and Dalits will be added to BJP.

Most focus on Muslim OBC

According to Shahnawaz, there are about 8-10% Yadavs in the state, while the number of Muslim OBCs is much higher. In this, the number of Ansaris is especially high. There is about four lakh in Gorakhpur, about three and a half lakh in Mau, four lakh in Banaras, about two lakh in Mubarakpur Azamgarh, about four lakh Ansari in Ambedkar Nagar.
Ansaris constitute about 60% of the total Muslim OBC population. They are being told how important a role they have played in the country since independence.

Shahnawaz says that if compared only with Ansaris, then no district will get four lakh Yadav voters. Still, SP has been winning there because of these Muslim voters. After the Ansaris, there is a campaign to firmly connect the Qureshi’s with another large population of OBC Muslims. In this connection, on the birthday of Abdul Qayyum Ansari, who was a big leader of weavers, who was associated with the Momin Conference movement, this time the Congress had organized many programs.