Congress will reduce Owaisi’s edge: Imran, President of Congress Minority Cell in Uttar Pradesh, will work to connect Muslim youth with the party


Assembly elections are due in Uttar Pradesh next year. Earlier, taking a big step, Congress has made famous poet Imran Pratapgarhi as the President of National Minority Cell of Congress. Congress sources tell that the role of Congress in-charge of UP and National General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi is very important in getting Imran this post. With the help of Imran, there is a plan to bring back those Muslim youths in UP who are influenced by AIMIM Chief Asaduddin Owaisi. Priyanka also wants to weaken Owaisi’s edge in UP.

AIMIM harmed Congress the most

The All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) recently contested elections in Maharashtra, Bihar and then in West Bengal. The Congress had to bear the loss directly. Congress’s strong Muslim vote bank got divided and Congress had to face a bad defeat in these states. AIMIM Chief Asaduddin Owaisi’s impeccable style, way of delivering speech is liked by Muslim youth.

The Congress is afraid that if Owaisi contests the elections on his own in Uttar Pradesh also, then it will also have to bear the loss. Already Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party have been making their claim on Muslim vote bank in Uttar Pradesh. In such a situation, if AIMIM also contests elections, then Congress will have to bear its loss.

Imran will give competition to Owaisi

Congress strategists believe that Imran’s penetration is very high among Muslim youth. People like him, so only Imran can give competition to Owaisi. Just as Owaisi has become the icon of Muslim youth with his aggressive statements against the Modi government, in the same way Imran draws Muslim youth towards himself by opposing Modi in a poetic style.

Political journey started in 2019, big recognition in a short time

Before Imran, the chairman of the minority cell was Nadeem Javed. Imran has also played the role of star campaigner for Congress. Imran holds an MA degree from Allahabad University. His political journey started in 2019 when Congress made him its candidate from Moradabad Lok Sabha seat.

Owaisi did not win a single seat in the last election

Owaisi’s party contested 38 seats in the 2017 UP assembly elections and did not win a single seat. The party had a vote share of just 0.24 per cent in the election. The number of Muslim voters in the state is very high. In such a situation, Owaisi is preparing to put full force in the 2022 elections. His focus will not only be on increasing the vote share, but also on winning seats in Muslim areas.

AIMIM is keeping its eye on the 19.3 per cent Muslim population of the state. Owaisi is also called BJP’s team B. In such a situation, he will also try to wash off this stain on the party by making a compromise with some political parties.