Can BJP expel Yogi Aditya Nath before the election?


The top leadership of the BJP and the RSS are holding long meetings on the UP assembly elections to be held early next year. In the series of meetings held in Delhi on Sunday, apart from the Union Sarkaryavah Dattatreya Hosabole, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and BJP President JP Nadda, besides the party’s Organization Minister Sunil Bansal were also involved in UP. Interestingly, UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath did not have a share in this meeting, although the state elections are to be mainly around him.

The conclusions drawn from this will be discussed later, before the justification of this meeting should be discussed in the present emergency situation. When the entire country is fighting the epidemic on a war footing, then the BJP and the Sangh are busy in making the election the biggest war for themselves. He has no shame about this. The international fame of UP in Corona’s disease has been made with just one thing that no number released from here is reliable. How many deaths, how many people got sick, what to say about this. How many tests have been done, this information is also not ready to be considered reliable.

The only achievement of the Yogi government is to suppress the information and this applies more strictly to the information on the corona. In Lucknow, pictures of hundreds of pyres burning on the banks of the Gomti became viral, so that the camera could not reach there, the photos of the fence erected for it became more viral. From Unnao to Allahabad and from Ghazipur to the border district of Bihar, Buxar, it was swept away in the Ganges and hundreds of corpses buried in the sand from Zara on the banks of various rivers became the subject of discussion all over the world. But the concern of the BJP leadership is not related to these government misdeeds of UP.


The main topic of discussion in the meeting of the top leaders of the BJP and the Sangh was the panchayat elections in UP, in which the party finished second and its performance in many of its strongholds was very poor. According to the information that is coming out, two major reasons for the defeat have been identified. One, the party’s top leaders being busy in the five state assembly elections, and second, the over-confidence of the party’s state leadership. The third reason has been reported to be very rapid spread of the disease, but it is the cause of overpowered.

The panchayat elections in UP lasted all of April and at the beginning no one had any idea about the intensity of the disease. The news related to Corona’s catastrophe began to arrive there in the last week of April and then in May, before which the panchayat elections were almost settled. If these elections were held after the ill-health was exposed, the BJP’s sweep would have been cleared in them.

The plan of the Sangh-BJP is to carry out the 2022 assembly elections of UP in Ayodhya with the help of flood of news related to the construction of grand Ram temple, for which they tried their best to make the Momentum even during the illness. But despite the entire media being in the pocket, the edge of news for the next one or two months does not seem to be turning in this direction. Their real concern is that if this phase of the disease does not end soon and another round comes before the election, it may have to be taken.

Opposition is badly scattered in UP and there is no initiative on the road from its side. So the danger is not very big. But UP with 80 Lok Sabha seats plays the pivot of the BJP’s unitary power in the country. A bit of panic in it can bring very bad results in the long term for the Hindutva stream. All this exercise is only to overcome this fear.

The inner power equation of the Hindutva stream is that the Maharashtrians of the Sangh are taking full advantage of the political invincibility of Modi-Shah but they are also suffering due to weakening their hold on the politics of their own standing. Initially, he expected Sanjay Joshi, whose pornography CD was put at the root of it. Gadkari was then tried to handle the matter with a parallel pole, but his role has been limited to entertain the media from time to time. The Sanghi hopes of balancing the Modi-Shah axis by doing so kept on Yogi Adityanath, who himself has been considered a huge problem for the UP BJP for a long time.

In the last four years and a few months, Yogi’s stature has not grown so much that he can go two steps ahead in politics without Modi-Shah, but his image as an alternative face of militant Hindutva is definitely built. The positioning is about how much Yogi will do in the BJP’s ticket distribution for the UP Assembly elections. At the same time, the question is also linked that if the Yogis are adamant about their status, can the Sangh-BJP leadership agree to move ahead completely by giving them the edge

One thing is certain that there is absolutely no happy situation about the leadership of Yogi in the UP BJP. Some BJP MLAs have openly expressed their dissatisfaction regarding the Corona mismanagement. Apart from this, a close caucus of the Chief Minister is also mentioned by the lower level leaders of BJP with great bitterness in private conversation. The next six months are going to be very important politically for Uttar Pradesh. Despite a relatively good strategic position, the opposition is still embroiled in Twitter politics. The day he started getting on the road, the same day a lot of hidden and hidden diseases of the BJP would be revealed. How much the inner opposition of Hindutva is blossoming in this sequence, it remains to be seen.

Soumitra Roy-

It is reported that CM Yogi Adityanath has got 8 months of life in UP. This life donation has been received on the condition of his good administration, that is, Yogi will remain in probation for 8 months.

Modi and Shah’s very special RSS number 2 Dattatraya Hosabole has prepared a formula to win UP elections next year, in which the spice of riots, communalism and casteism will be filled with such a feeling that you will forget the Bengal elections.

Together, a strategy has been made to break into the vote bank of SP and BSP. Owaisi’s party will once again work to break the SP’s Muslim vote bank, which performed brilliantly in the panchayat elections.

The SP wants to retain its Yadav-OBC vote bank. But BJP’s B team, that is, BSP non-Yadav, is in the process of looting the votes of non-OBCs who are opposed to “Thakur Raj”. That is, the BJP will go to any extent to brighten Yogi’s face.

Krishna Kant-

It is reported that before the UP elections, a confidential meeting of the BJP-RSS has been held and the future strategy has been discussed. The Prime Minister and the Home Minister also participated in it. Meeting and discussion are good things, then why confidential? Is election a roundabout in a democracy? Why RSS with BJP? Is it a political party? Is the RSS registered as a political party or political organization? It is said that it is a cultural organization. Election is part of which cultural tradition? From time to time, the RSS takes reports from the government, consults it, affects its policies. In what capacity does RSS do this? Why does RSS do politics by becoming a cultural organization?

If the RSS is interested in politics then why does it not come out openly? It is the right of every person or organization to do politics in a democracy. This is not a shame, then why is the politics of RSS confidential?

The media runs the news of this secretive politics but never asks questions on this tenancy. Those who used to be very concerned about the intervention of the Gandhi family in the government or the party, are happy to interfere with the Sangh Parivar. You will say that the Sangh Parivar is not a family of four members like the Gandhi family. OK fine. But the same thief comes through the door! The Gandhi family is still part of the government and is accountable. The UPA government contested elections under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi and an advisory committee headed by him was still announced, about which questions could be asked. Can any accountability of RSS be fixed?

If the intention is clear then why is there no transparency in the policies? The RSS should declare its political policies, plans and intentions.

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