Businessmen opposed CM Shivraj, who came to ask for votes, People asked – your rallies do not lead to Corona?


The way the Corona outbreak in the country is becoming deadly once again and our leaders are relinquishing all responsibilities and are engaged in election campaigning, due to which the public outrage is increasing. CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan of Madhya Pradesh became the victim of this public anger.

Actually CM Shivraj went to campaign for the assembly by-election to be held in Damoh. They were strongly opposed by the traders here.

In CM Shivraj’s election meeting, traders waving placards and asked the question whether the corona rules do not apply to the crowd of election rallies?


It is to be known that due to increasing cases of corona in Madhya Pradesh, the government has imposed curfew in many districts including the capital Bhopal, due to which the business activities have come to a standstill.

He went to Damoh for election campaign on Monday evening. Several business organizations, including Tent House Association, DJ Sangh Sangh, raised placards and shouted slogans against the government in protest against the election boycott.

These placards were written, marriage is a cry in marriage, corona is not in elections…. It is hitting on the stomach… We will boycott the election.

In the meantime, the police force had to make a lot of efforts to remove the traders from the meeting of CM Shivraj and also lathi sticks, although the police denied the use of force.

These traders said that the government is harassing us in the name of Corona. The government is going to put a lockdown from April 18, due to which people are canceling bookings.

Due to this, we will have to suffer a lot of loss. The government is showing double character with merchants.

There is no corona at the time of elections but as soon as the elections are over, the government starts showing its color. The same thing happened to us last year. Where shall we go, what shall we eat!

It may be known that the last whole year was a lockdown due to Corona. Once again, when the auspicious time of marriage marriage starts from April 22, the government is going to put a lockdown once again.

In such a situation, businessmen associated with the business of marriage may face a lot of trouble.

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