Bihar on this scale of development from bottom to top, Lalu said – double engine became trouble engine


Bihar has been the worst performer in the Sustainable Development Goals Index (SDG) 2020-21 released recently by NITI Aayog. While Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Himachal were the best performing states in this index, Bihar, Jharkhand remained at the bottom. RJD President Lalu Prasad Yadav on Friday targeted Chief Minister Nitish Kumar Yadav fiercely for Bihar’s poor performance in this index.

What did the RJD supremo say?: Lalu targeted both Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and the NDA alliance, which has been ruling Bihar for more than 15 years. He wrote on Twitter, “Congratulations! After all, after 16 years of Bihar’s hard work, Nitish made Bihar top from the bottom. Nitish is full of negativity. He closed the thousands of health centres built by us and converted schools into ghost bungalows and garages. The result of this is that today their NITI Aayog is making Bihar top from the bottom. The so-called double engine has become a troubled engine for Biharis.”

In another tweet, Lalu said, “It is the result of 16 years of relentless efforts and negative politics of Nitish-BJP that Bihar is from bottom to top. The prejudiced creatures who cry the cry of the so-called jungle raj are now hidden in the bills locked on the tongue. Bihar may be annihilated but socio-economic justice will not be tolerated by those people.


What is the condition of Bihar in NITI Aayog Rating?: Significantly, for the third time, NITI Aayog has released the ranking of states on the basis of the Sustainable Development Goals Index (SDG). In this index, health, education, gender, economic development, institutions, climate change and environment have been considered as important parameters of the development of the states. While Kerala has got the highest score of 75 to do better in almost all areas, Bihar has been given 52 marks and the state is at the bottom in terms of development.

JDU retaliated: JDU retaliated on Lalu’s allegations. Party spokesperson and MLA Neeraj Kumar told The Indian Express, “Is Lalu Prasad now supporting NITI Aayog? At first, he was against the idea of ​​setting up a commission. Bihar is currently in the category of developing states and in the last few years, its annual growth rate has been better than many developed states.

The JDU spokesperson further said, “The Index of Sustainable Development Goals is for the long-term goals of the states. Bihar government has made tremendous development in infrastructure and social sector. On Lalu Prasad Yadav’s target, the only thing to say is, will he reveal the development index of Bihar during his tenure?


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