Battlegrounds Mobile India M3 Season gets many handsome RP rewards, see full list


Different rewards are given at different RP ranks in BGMI. This includes a lot more, including Weapon Skin and Emote. Read below to know which RP rank is rewarded.

Battlegrounds Mobile India
Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is being well-liked. It has been downloaded millions of times from the App Store since its launch in July this year. Game developer Krafton has introduced Monthly RP System to BGMI.

There are 50 RP ranks in the Royal Pass section of the game, which gives players various items. Players can also purchase the Elite Pass to gain tons of interesting outfits, weapon skins, and elites. In this article, we have given the complete list of RP Rewards available in BGMI M3 Season.

BGMI M3 Season RP Rewards

Players on RP Rank 1 will get Lone Wolf QBZ Weapon Skin. Along with the weapon skin, the Lone Wolf set is also provided. Players will get 5 supply crate coupon scraps for free RP rewards. Players at rank 5 will be awarded Lone Wolf Headgear as an Elite RP reward. Under the free RP reward, players will be given 1 RP mission card for the BGMI Season M3 Royal Pass.

Elite RP holders at RP rank 10 will get Veggie Carton Backpack and 500 BP. Players at RP rank 15 are given the M3 RP avatar. Apart from this, he will also get a catchy emote called Twist Dance. At the same time, players at RP rank 20 are given colorful airplane skin. The name of this skin is Fruit Splash Finish. Players at rank 25 will be given Dhansu Outfit Leopard Suit as free RP rewards.

Apart from this, grenades are given as skin and an emote free reward at RP rank 30. This grenade is known as Deadly Cabbage Grenade and Emote as Deep Fried. The reward at rank 40 is the best reward of M3 Royale Pass. This is an M16A4 Skin called Veggie Parcel M16A4 finish. The final reward for the M3 Royale Pass is Deep Fried set at rank 50. Along with this, deep fried headgear is also given to the players.

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