Amartya Sen held the Modi government responsible, said – instead of fighting Corona, the government was engaged in taking credit


World’s famous economist Amartya Sen has directly blamed the central government for the second wave of Covid in India.

Amartya Sen said that the Modi government of India showed more interest in looting credit than fighting Covid, due to which the second wave of Covid in India came in the form of a crisis.

Amartya Sen, Professor of Economics and Philosophy at Harvard University, an internationally prestigious institution, has also received the Nobel Prize.

Professor Sen said that the condition of schizophrenia arose during the second wave of Covid. Schizophrenia refers to a severe form of psychosis in which the sufferer is unable to distinguish between the real and the imaginary world.

Schizophrenia sufferers often dive into the ocean of fantasies and believe fantasies to be reality.

Prof Amartya Sen said that the Government of India suffered from this schizophrenia during Covid. Instead of focusing on doing the work, he focused on getting the accolades for the work.

During the Covid crisis, the Indian government remained confused due to schizophrenia and the crisis continued to grow.

During his address at the program of an organization called Rashtra Seva Dal, he said that India was in a much better position in dealing with Covid due to its better immunity and drug making skills, but the government was a victim of confusion.

Because of this she did a very poor handling job, she could not do justice to her ability.

Prof Sen said that the government should not have given the capacity to deal with Covid.

The government seemed more inclined to take credit and plunder accolades. The government had to ensure that the second wave of covid in India did not turn into a pandemic, but it could not happen.

With this remark of Prof Amartya Sen, the opponents of the government have once again got an opportunity to surround the government.

Since the beginning, the opposition has been accusing the Modi government of being careless and spreading the Covid epidemic due to the Bengal elections, Sen’s statement has strengthened these allegations.

It is to be known that this comment of Amartya Sen has come to the fore at a time when many experts have blamed the government for the second wave of Covid.