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All Destiny 2 Calus Bobblehead locations

All Destiny 2 Calus Bobblehead locations
All Destiny 2 Calus Bobblehead locations

Destiny 2 is a free-to-play online-only multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Bungie. It was originally released as a pay to play game in 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. It became free-to-play, utilizing the games as a service model, under the New Light title on October 1, 2019, followed by the game’s release on Stadia the following month, and then PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S platforms in December 2020. Look for all the Destiny 2 Calus Bobbleheads hidden throughout the Derelict Leviathan and the weekly Sever missions for some rewards. With Season of the Haunted, the planet-eating ship that belongs to Emperor Calus, the Leviathan, is back but also infested with gross Egregore fungus. However, that probably won’t put you off the abundant loot that remains aboard, including some golden bobbleheads of Calus himself. The new Sever – Rage mission has the latest Calus Bobblehead, so head back to the Leviathan and seek it out. Here’s where to find the Destiny 2 Calus Bobbleheads.

All Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted Bobbleheads

For information, let us tell you that there are currently eight Destiny 2 Calus Bobbleheads available for you to get. After retrieving a bobblehead, you’ll be told to “detain” it on the HELM. This just means you need to visit the new Crown of Sorrow wing of the HELM and go to the bay on the left where the Hive Tombship is. You’ll find various sets of pages that the bobbleheads can be “proudly displayed” on – how very opulent.

Once you’ve found all nine Calus Bobbleheads, the ‘#1 Fan’ victory is complete and the Eidolon shell for your ghost will be unlocked. Not all bobbleheads are available yet, so check back after each Destiny 2 Weekly Reset  for more bobbleheads.

Destiny 2 Castellum Bobblehead

If you are looking for Castellum Bobblehead. So for this you have to unlock the door that is immediately to the left of the Castellum’s landing zone corridor. We’re not exactly sure how you get this to open, but it seems like it is guaranteed to open if you kill two Scorn Night Terrors during the final boss fight of a Tier 3 Nightmare Containment event. Killing the Night Terrors will cause two lockdown protocols to be lifted after completing the event, allowing you to access the secret room with the Calus Bobblehead inside and one random secret room within the Castellum. The doors for these rooms are unlocked by pulling a nearby lever that beeps. Once you’ve opened the correct door on the left of the Castellum, there will be a chest for you to loot and a Calus Bobblehead on the ground on the right. Make sure you don’t miss it!

Destiny 2 Pleasure Gardens Bobblehead

One thing you need to know is that from Castellum, you can reach the Leviathan’s Pleasure Gardens by heading to the area that’s roughly in the center with the golden War Beast statues nearby. There are steps that lead down into a lower area and a doorway between two massive pillars. Head through this door and follow the path to eventually emerge into the Pleasure Gardens.

As you approach the gardens, you’ll spot a giant, golden statue of Emperor Calus covered in fungus on top of a large podium. Jump up to this podium and look behind the statue to find the bobblehead. 

Destiny 2 Royal Pools Bobblehead

If you want to reach the Royal Pool from Castellum. So for this, you have to go through the doorway on the left side that’s flanked by some large pillars and dark banners with a golden sun on them. Follow the path and you’ll reach the Royal Pools shortly.

After arriving at the Royal Pool, head straight to the back-right corner of the area to find a pit in the fungus that you can jump into to reach part of the Leviathan’s underbelly. Explore this area until you find a narrow tunnel lit up with yellow lights. At the end of this tunnel, you’ll find the Royal Pools Calus Bobblehead in a dark nook on the left.

Destiny 2 Sever Shame Bobblehead

If you want to find Destiny 2 Bobblehead. So for this start the Saver – Shame mission, a new weekly mission for Season of the Haunted – you’ll get access to this mission as you progress through the Bound in Sorrow seasonal quest and the activity node to start it can be found next to the Derelict Leviathan on the Moon.

What you have to do patiently is that, progress through the mission normally until you reach the point where you must activate four manual overrides to escape the lockdown. As part of this objective, you need to carry a large Cabal wrench across the area to deactivate a wall of electricity that blocks the way. Once you’ve used the wrench, jump to the narrow corridor and instead of jumping to the override switch, jump up to the horizontal pipe on the right. From there, platform your way up onto a walkway. You’ll find the Calus Bobblehead sitting on top of some boxes on this walkway.

Destiny 2 Sever Reconciliation Bobblehead

If you want to find the fifth Destiny 2 Calus Bobblehead, go for it in the new Saver – Reconciliation Week 2 mission. Progress through the beginning of the mission normally until you emerge from the narrow ventilation shafts into the Armory. Turn to your right and walk to the far end of the corridor to spot a third ventilation shaft.

So Guys you should now be able to hear the ticking of the bobblehead by now, so crouch and walk into the vent and, when you reach the dead end, turn left. You’ll find the little, golden Calus bobbling away in front of a fan.

Destiny 2 Sever Grief Bobblehead

One important thing you need to keep in mind is that, after you’ve navigated your way through the Leviathan underbelly and greenhouse room with the hanging plants, you’ll come across a locked door and you’ll need to place a Ritual Amplifier nearby. Place the amplifier, head through the door, and then immediately turn left. You’ll spot a dead end with some large crates. Look behind the crates and there will be a nook that the Calus Bobblehead is hiding in.

Destiny 2 Sever Forgiveness Bobblehead

So Guys the time you were worried about is over and you can find this Destiny 2 Calus Bobblehead at the end of the Saver Forgiveness mission. When you get to the large tube-like room with the Egregore Spores at the end, you need to jump to the platform with orange lights on it. Towards the end of the platform, you’ll spot a large, round container on the right and the bobblehead will be on top of this container, so climb up and collect it.

Destiny 2 Sever Rage Bobblehead

If you want to get to the final Calus Bobblehead, you need to reach the Engine Room encounter of Sever – Rage where you need to “incinerate the contaminant” by trapping a Nightmare in an incinerator. From the entrance to the engine room where the main console is, head towards the far-left corner of the room then turn left and head down into the corridor that leads to a large waste room covered in Egregore sludge and vines.

And finally, as you walk into this room, you’ll stand on a metal walkway that sits a little above the Egregore sludge. Get off the walkway and look under it to spot the Calus Bobblehead in the sludge.

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