After the WrestleMania Backlash, a wave of gum dominated the WWE, Roman Rance also could not save the company from major losses.


This time the WWE has suffered a loss due to SmackDown. The Blue brand’s viewership was just 1.83 million this time. In terms of viewership, this time the Red brand was also proved to be a laggard. Last week, the Blue brand’s viewership stood at 1.917 million and this time it has seen a decline of 4.5 percent. This was the first episode of the Blue brand after WrestleMania Backlash and a lot of disappointment has come from here. Many things happened in the show but still to no avail.

WWE suffered a huge loss

WWE is constantly getting a blow from both brands. Blue brand’s viewership always crossed the two million mark, but it has been very bad for the last three weeks. It has become very difficult to say about the Red brand because poor viewership has been going on for the last one year. This time there was a lot of action in the Blue brand and the return of Alastair Black was also seen in the main event. WWE tried to innovate a lot on the show but the loss was only in the end.

This show was special in many ways, from the beginning to the end. Roman Rance Sath Rollins, Apollo Cruise did a lot of shows but could not increase viewership. Due to Roman Rance, the Blue brand’s viewership used to be very ahead for the last few months but it is not happening now.

The Fatal 4th match for the IC Championship took place this week and Apollo Cruise defended his championship. Alister Black returns and saves Cruise and he attacks Big E. Roman Rance appeared for a very short time this time. Perhaps this is why the viewership of the show was also affected. The Women’s Division also did a fairly good job this time. Overall, WWE has suffered a lot of damage this week.

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