Government boat with paper: 10 lakh rupees to the children who were orphaned in Corona. and announced 5% reservation in government jobs; But how will innocent children collect dozens of papers?


Six-year-old Roohi and seven-year-old Mahi… look around every morning as soon as they wake up. She calls out to mom. Asks about Papa. But who should tell these innocents that the father lost the battle to Corona on 29 April and by 3 May the mother also swallowed the same infection. After the departure of the parents, the big question is who will take care of Roohi and Mahi now? Similar is the situation of Hanushish Dahria of Bhopal. The second wave of Corona took away his parents too.

The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights has told the Supreme Court that due to Corona, 30,071 children were rendered destitute across the country. Of these, 26,176 children lost one of their parents and 3,621 children became orphans. At the same time, there are 274 children who were also abandoned by relatives. Madhya Pradesh has the highest number of orphans at 706 children. For these children, the central and state governments have announced more than a dozen schemes. But the question is, will the benefits of these schemes reach their rightful beneficiaries?

We are discussing here 9 big schemes of central and state governments for orphan children. Also, what are the documents and process required to take advantage of them, they are also telling. And also know that what kind of troubles the innocent children already in trouble are facing for this?


Center has announced but waiting for help

PM Cares for Children scheme has been announced. What are the necessary documents needed for this and what will be the process of selecting the needy, its information has not been revealed yet. On June 1, the Supreme Court has also asked the central government to present the complete blueprint of this scheme for orphans. Apart from this, nodal officers have also been appointed in 10 states who will identify the needy children.

Difficulties due to absence of cause of death in death certificate

The documents and information required for the Child Service Scheme of the Government of Madhya Pradesh are as follows…

  • child’s aadhar card
  • Death certificate issued by Municipal Corporation of both parents
  • Birth certificate of the child or any certificate proving the date of birth
  • Joint bank account of the child and the guardian (if the child is below 18 years of age)
  • Certificate of being a permanent resident of Madhya Pradesh
  • Guardian’s consent letter to keep the child

To take advantage of this scheme, the death certificate issued by the municipal corporation of the deceased guardian is required, in which the cause of death is written as Covid-19. In many cases, it is difficult to get such certificates. Abhishek Singh, Registrar of Statistics Department, Bhopal, has said in one of his orders that the cause of death will not be written on the death certificate. They argue that only the doctor can tell the cause of death.

Women and Child Development has been made the nodal department for the scheme. Information about orphan children is being collected by the department through Anganwadi. The needy can directly contact the Anganwadi or the officer of the department. For more information you can also log on to website.

Children orphans from Corona are also included in the Palanhar scheme

What is Palanhar scheme?

Providing education, food, in a family environment on behalf of the State, by providing for the upbringing of orphans, education, etc., by not wishing to be reared in the family of the closest relatives/acquaintances of the children within the society within the society. To provide clothing and other necessary facilities. Thus the scheme run by the state government is unique throughout India.

Major Benefits

Beneficiary Benefits

Under this scheme, Palanhar received Rs 500 per month (500 per month for children up to the age of 5 years in Palanhar) for children up to the age of 5 years and Rs 1000 per month till the age of 18 after admission in school.

The grant money (After admission to school, till the age of 18, a grant of Rs 1000 per month.) Will be provided by the Government of Rajasthan and an amount of Rs. 2000 per year (widow and maternity) for clothing, sweater mobilization and other necessary work.

An annual grant is also made available at orphan rate (excluding category).

From this Rajasthan Palanhar Yojana 2021 of the state government, education will be provided to them by the state government.

This is an old scheme of the Rajasthan government, in which the children orphaned due to corona have also been included. On 8 February 2005, this scheme was started for the children of Scheduled Castes. It has been amended from time to time. To take advantage of this scheme, a person must be a permanent resident of Rajasthan and the annual income of the foster family should not exceed Rs 1.20 lakh.

The documents required for the scheme include the death certificate of the parents of the orphan child, Aadhar card of the parent, residence proof, Bhamashah card, proof of the child’s education, Aadhar card of the child.

Death due to corona-like symptoms, but no test report

Bihar government announced this scheme on 30th May 2021. The government has entrusted the task of selection of such children to the District Child Welfare Committee. Information related to such children can be given on child line number 1098. The administration itself is also collecting information about such children through the head and Anganwadi workers.

The benefit of this scheme is to be given to the children of every income group, so no income certificate is required for this. Aadhar and death certificate of parents are needed, but the most difficult is with the corona investigation report. There have been many such cases in which those who died had symptoms of corona, but they did not get it investigated.

Mahtari Dular scheme started in Chhattisgarh

About Chhattisgarh Mahtari Dular Yojna scheme

  • Chhattisgarh Mahtari Dular Yojna is a scheme approved in May 2021. Under this, an amount of rs 1000 is being given a scholarship to the children of class 9th to 12th per month.
  • Children who lost their parents to Covid-19 and to those who lost key earning members of the family are the beneficiaries of the scheme.
  • Under the scheme, the Government will take total responsibility for their education and all their future needs.
  • From Class 1 to 8, they will be given a monthly scholarship of Rs 500 and from Class 9 to 12 Rs 1,000 a month.
  • These children will be eligible for scholarship if they are studying in Government or private schools.
  • The Government will also take all responsibility to educate children of families where a key earning member died due to Covid.
  • If such children seek admission in Swami Atmanand English Medium School, they will be given priority. No fees will be charged from them.

The Chhattisgarh government has implemented the Mahtari Dular scheme in the state. The scheme was approved in a meeting of the State Council of Ministers held on May 18 under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel. For this, the application will have to be given to the District Education Officer on behalf of the student or his parents.

A committee will be formed under the chairmanship of District Education Officer for testing the application. In this, one officer each from the Health Department and Social Welfare Department will be nominated. On the recommendation of the committee, the District Collector will approve it. If the District Collector gets information about such a child from any source, then he will also make it available to the District Education Officer.

4 thousand rupees a month to the orphan children of Uttar Pradesh

Such children will be included in the scheme from birth to 18 years, whose both parents have died during the Covid period, or one of the parents died before March 1, 2020, and the other died of Covid. died in time, or both died before March 1, 2020, or the legal guardian died after coming to Corona.

According to Manoj Rai, Director, Women and Child Welfare Department, adequate steps are being taken to identify such children who have lost their parents due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So far 300 children have been identified and the work is still in progress.

Delhi government also made many big announcements

The Delhi government has announced to provide help to all the needy families suffering from Corona. In this, the work of distribution of ration is going on. A proposal is being prepared for a scheme of financial assistance of Rs 2500 to orphan children. Apart from this, compensation of up to 5 lakh has been announced to the kin of those deceased, who died due to lack of oxygen. A six-member committee has been formed for this, which will decide the amount of compensation. However, here too, there is a problem in writing the death due to Covid-19 in the death certificate.

Difficulties in online application of the scheme

The Maharashtra government on Wednesday announced that fixed deposits of Rs five lakh will be made in the name of children who have lost one or both parents to Covid-19. They will also get a monthly allowance of Rs 1,125.

The documents and information required for the Bal Sangopan Scheme of the Government of Maharashtra are as follows…

Aadhar Card
Ration card
Passport size photo of parents
birth certificate
Death certificate if the parents have died
income certificate
bank passbook

Bal Sangopan Scheme was started in 2008. Now it has been announced to include children orphaned by Covid-19 in its purview. Both the parents of 162 children and one parent of 5172 children have died due to corona epidemic in the state.

The entire process of this scheme is online. Therefore, people are facing difficulty in scanning the document and uploading it in the correct size. There are still many rural areas of the state where people are not aware of it.

Uttarakhand government will give 3 thousand rupees a month

After the announcement of Vatsalya Yojana by the Chief Minister, its proposal has been prepared by the Department of Women Empowerment and Child Development. It has been clarified in the proposal that such children will be given financial assistance of three thousand rupees in a month. At present, the notification regarding its necessary documents and process has not been issued yet.

Many other announcements also for Covid-19 victims

  • The Goa government has also announced financial assistance of Rs 2 lakh to the poor families suffering from the Corona crisis.
  • Under the Journalist Welfare Scheme, the Central Government has announced financial assistance of five lakh rupees to the victim’s family of the journalist who lost his life in Corona.
  • For the frontline warriors in Jharkhand, the Disaster Management Department has made a provision of giving compensation of Rs 25 lakh.
  • In Tamil Nadu, a compensation of Rs 25 lakh has been announced to the families of frontline workers who die of corona.
  • The Punjab government has announced a compensation amount of Rs 50 lakh each to the families of doctors and health workers who lost their lives during Corona.


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