1 lakh soldiers will be reduced in the army The committee said – layoffs will have to be done to increase facilities


Before coming to power, the ruling Modi government at the Center had made many big claims about the development and employment of the country. But the government has proved unable to live up to its claims.

Since the year 2019, there has been an alarm of poverty and unemployment in the country. Meanwhile, bad news is also coming for the Indian Army.

According to the news, preparations are being made to shorten the logistic tail of the Indian Army. Recently this information has been given to the Parliamentary Committee related to the Ministry of Defense.

Top army officials say that the number of soldiers engaged in supply and support along with combat troops will be reduced. A target has been set to reduce one lakh soldiers within the next few years.

Giving information about the Ministry of Defense, the Parliamentary Committee has said that the infantry will be equipped with modern technology. Because they have full responsibility for security on India’s borders.

Therefore, the focus is now on infantry. Modern technology weapons will be provided to them in the coming time.

In this case, it has been said from the Army that when General VP Malik used to be the Chief of the Army. So even during that time fifty thousand soldiers were reduced.

But now in the coming time this figure has been increased to one lakh.

After the reduction in army personnel, the amount will be saved. This will be spent in equipping the troops with modern technology.

Let us tell you that this report of the committee has been presented in the recently concluded session.

Giving an example of this whole case, it is explained that a combat company of the army consists of 120 personnel. But if this company is made equipped with modern technology. So instead of 120 jawans, 80 jawans will have to work only.

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